2000 Presidential Election- "A Summary of Who Did What to Who, and Where We Are Now"

or "Were the Democrats the Innocent Victims They Claim to Be?"





   Florida was split Northern Counties (Republican) and Southern Counties (Democrat). The Florida Legislature was Republican-dominated and the Florida Supreme Court Democrat-dominated. The Governor was Bush’s brother. The US Supreme Court was Republican-dominated, 5-4. Bush is criticized for not campaigning hard in Florida.








Barring Felons from Voting (Claims of Disenfranchising Black Votes):

The Republicans maneuvered before the election to bar felons from voting, and did not request additional verification services, which resulted in mistakes and which barred people at random, meaning Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike, and groups like the NAACP claim mostly blacks and Democrats are felons. Then the list comes out with the names of the felons who were not allowed to vote; there are roughly 24,000 whites, 22,000 blacks, and only 63 Hispanics, among handfuls of others. (Now who's Law-abiding?)



Voter Obstruction (Claim of Disenfranchising Black Voters):

   NAACP points to a vehicle check point as an example of obstructing Blacks from voting. Of the 13 drivers cited at the checkpoint for equipment violations, eight were black and five were white. The officers claim they picked the checkpoint at random. There are also claims of polling places closing early, names not being on voting lists, and the like, all of which would have affected voters of all persuasions, not just Blacks and Democrats.


Absentee Ballots Issue (Claim of Throwing Out Gore Votes):

There were 25,000 absentee ballots. Democrats cried foul when Republican recounters in two Northern Florida counties filled in information on Republican ballots not related to the marked vote, such as voter ID number, while throwing out the same type of ballots for Gore.








Discounting Overseas Votes (Claims of Democrats Disenfranchising Military Votes):

The Democrats maneuvered to disallow overseas military votes that had no postmark. Meanwhile Democrats vote against polling places on military installations which would make it easier for servicemen to vote. (Now when you hear Kerry say “I’ll make sure every vote counts” you know he means only for certain Democratic groups- author)



Gore’s Delaying Strategy:

   Gore’s strategy eventually became stalling the entire Florida election process so as to go past the Dec. 12 deadline, thereby nullify the 25 Florida electoral votes, and thus win the election.



Gore’s Recount Circus:

  Gore wanted and got recounts in 3 South Florida counties (heavily Democratic), counties with a history of recount fraud, and the liberal Florida Supreme Court allowed it. The liberal Court also extended the deadline for this, Gore’s first recount, illegally changing the Florida election rules during an election, to suit Gore.

   The recount begen, with Democrat recounters allegedly punching Gore votes in unmarked ballots during their recount, and left the chads on the floor. After the ensuing uproar, they simple ate the chads to hide the evidence, again allegedly. Bumps and dimples were also hotly argued over.

   Meanwhile Bush refrained from demanding recounts in other Northern Republican Florida counties, and several other States that had extremely close elections going for Gore.  A few states conducted recounts according to their rules, as did a few Northern Florida counties.

   Gore lost again, and wanted another recount. The liberal Florida Supreme Court allowed it again, AND extended the deadline even further.  The US Supreme Court finally stepped in and put their foot down, vacating the Florida Supreme Court’s decision. 

   Gore lost again, so he demanded an entire Florida reelection, which could never have been achieved by the Florida deadline to get their electoral votes in. The liberal Florida Supreme Court allowed it, the Conservative US Supreme Court disallowed it. (in effect, the Conservatives were preventing the Democrats from stealing the election).



Voter Intent:

   Democratic voters came forward and said they mistakenly voted for Patrick Buchanan, when it was their ‘intent’ to vote for Gore. Jesse Jackson goes to Florida to play this up.

   Meanwhile second graders voted for their favorite Disney characters using the same technology. There were no mistakes. (In the lingo of the NAACP- the Republicans would ask, “Wat’s up wit dat?”)



Changing Election Rules to Suit Gore:

The liberal Florida Supreme Court gets a special place here for changing election rules during an election to suit one party over another. (See ‘recounts’ above.)



Major Media’s Premature “Calling” of the Florida Election

   The major media was unabashedly and blatantly pro-Gore and anti-Bush.

   The major media also ‘called’ the Florida election for Gore prematurely, by questioning exiting pollers (‘exit polls’), hurting Bush’s popular vote, some say stealing it from Bush, as Republicans around the nation going to vote turned around and went home after hearing it.









The Republican-Dominated Florida Legislature:

   The Republican-dominated Florida State Legislature convened to elect an alternate 25 delegates, as the Florida Constitution dictated, if there was a possibility of no decision by Dec. 12, which would in all practical purposes give the election to Bush. Bush meanwhile decided not to pursue recounts in several other close states that still could go either way with recounts.


Jeb Bush and the US House of Representatives in Washington DC:

   Bush's brother Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, sat on the sidelines, but could have hypothetically picked the President in certain circumstances, The US House of Representatives in Washington DC could have picked the President in other certain circumstances. The House Majority Speaker also could have become President in certain circumstances, none of which came to pass.


Strong-Arm Tactics:

   Jesse Jackson promised civil unrest in the streets if Bush stole the election. Meanwhile outraged Conservative groups say the same if Gore stole the election.



NAACP Sees Money-Grab Opportunity and Takes It:

   NAACP gets out-of-court settlement from Florida (which includes Republican North and Democratic South counties) for a voting irregularities suit it filed, and now makes bogus claim that it proves only blacks were intentionally denied the right to vote.


Media Coverage:

   The major networks refused to air Bush’s acceptance speech after winning, and instead aired Gore’s protest speech. The major media has continued to be anti-Bush to this day.

   Bush's motorcade in DC got one egg thrown at it. Michael Moore played it up in Fahrenheit 9/11.




   So this is why they say “politics is dirty”.


   The Democrats are not by any stretch of the imagination the innocent victims they claim to be, engaging in more than their fair share of dirty politics.


   Lawsuits flew on both sides.


   The Florida courts made several arbitrary decisions that were purely partisan, and the major media played it up for Gore.


   After losing his bid for a third recount, and seesaw battles over absentee and military ballots being decided in courts (which could have thrown the election one way or the other), Bush was still ahead. Gore calls for complete re-voting in his three Democratic counties. He is denied in court. Gore finally conceded.


   Both Republicans and Democrats engaged in election tricks across the nation, the Democrats equally if not more so in Florida.


   Since then, liberals continue to make bogus claims that Bush stole the election, a claim conservatives would equally have made had Gore won.


   Clinton states on NPR's Fresh Air interview "You say what you have to say, whether it's true or not.”










2000 Presidential Election

By Steve Miller / The Washington Times FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Nov. 2000 - More affidavits have been filed in a federal lawsuit challenging hand counts of presidential votes in three South Florida (*heavily Democratic) counties, with at least one claiming ballot counters have been eating chads. "One of our guys observed another guy licking his finger and putting chads in his mouth," said George LeMieux, a Republican observer who is watching the hand count of 588,000 Broward County ballots. (*this means after punching a Gore vote in a ballot with the President not marked, the recounter ate the resulting chad to get rid of the evidence- author).



2000 Presidential Election

By Frank J. Murray / The Washington Times FORT MYERS, Fla. Nov. 2000 - Vice President Al Gore appears to have staked the presidency and his future political career on today's all-or-nothing legal strategy of attacking Florida's state government and its lower courts. His legal briefs to Florida's seven Supreme Court justices - each of whom reached the court with backing by Democratic governors



2000 Presidential Election

By David Royse / The Associated Press TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Nov. 2000 -- Al Gore needs the dimples. With Gore trailing George W. Bush by 930 votes, Democrats are pressuring election officials in three South Florida counties to count "dimpled" chad ballots as valid votes. Dimpled ballots are those on which a punch card has a bump, as if someone meant or tried to punch out the perforation to indicate their choice for president.


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 When vote counters arrived Friday in heavily Republican Duval County, five lawyers from the Al Gore camp stood poised to contest virtually every military ballot waiting to be opened. "The big story here is this was a systematic, heavy-handed effort by the Democrats to eliminate absentee military ballots,"


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 The Associated Press MIAMI (AP) - Republicans accused the Miami-Dade County canvassing board of ``manufacturing'' votes for Democrat Al Gore as the hand recount of 654,000 presidential ballots began Monday. Going beyond earlier allegations that the hand-counting process was unfair or subject to tampering, Republicans said Monday the operation was ``rigged.''


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (UPI) - The state attorney's office in Democrat-dominated Pinellas County was investigating the handling of nearly 2,000 ballots on election night. Bedinghaus was referring to what he said were questions raised by Deborah Clark, the county's supervisor of elections. Bedinghaus said Clark told him that she had no idea which of her department's employees counted 600 votes twice.

Bedinghaus also said Clark had no explanation why 1,326 were not counted at all.


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 The Republicans were sorely disappointed that the Florida Supreme Court on Friday enjoined the secretary of state, Katherine Harris, from certifying her state's vote -- an act that could have put Florida's 25 electoral votes in the Bush camp, pending the outcome of other lawsuits.


2000 Presidential Election

In the initial days of this election crisis, Bush's team looked lost and complacent after having been declared the winner first. Gore gained momentum. Christopher Ruddy

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2000


2000 Presidential Election

The worst thing to happen to Bush during the closing weeks of the campaign were his high poll numbers. Almost every pollster showed him miles ahead of Gore. Good poll numbers led to complacency. Bush's campaign became soft and weak, allowing a 16-point lead over Gore to evaporate. Christopher Ruddy

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2000

2000 Presidential Election

But a Bush voter's vote will not count if his elector who actually votes in the electoral college decides to vote for Gore, rather than have some scandal from his past made public. This is only the latest in the desperate and ugly tactics used by the Gore camp, in order to take the presidency by all means necessary. Nor is this a new tactic for the Clinton/Gore administration. If you can steal an election by blackmailing members of the Electoral College, then democracy becomes a farce. Thomas Sowell November 17, 2000


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 National conservative leader Paul Weyrich, who stirred a major debate nearly two years ago when he said conservatives had lost the culture war, says the Gore campaign's attempt to steal the presidential election proves his point. Noting that the election fraud was occurring right out in public "in an in-your-face way," By Wes Vernon / NewsMax.com


2000 Presidential Election

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. Nov.9, 2000  - The lawsuit came after hundreds of Gore supporters flooded the Palm Beach County elections office with calls Wednesday, saying they feared they had mistakenly voted for Buchanan. Lawyers for the Democratic Party said that the design of the Palm Beach County ballot is illegal and that they may ask for a re-vote. But no immediate action was taken by the party. By Karin Meadows / The Associated Press


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 9, 2000 Gore's Slight Victory Makes Iowa Recount A Possibility For Bush By Chris Clayton / Omaha World-Herald Des Moines - The closest presidential race in Iowa history could face a recount to protect George W. Bush from the loss of Florida's electoral votes. Recounts in Iowa and other close states could be important to Bush if Florida's electoral votes are awarded to Gore. Each state has its own procedures and deadlines, which Bush cannot afford to miss if he wants to protect his position.


2000 Presidential Election

Florida Cops Accused of Harassing Black Voters

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (APBnews.com) Nov. 9, 2000  Of the 13 drivers cited at the checkpoint for equipment violations, eight were black and five were white. The roadblock was set up between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, police said. In late September, the highway patrol reached a $1 million deficit in its gasoline budget and asked troopers to cut gasoline consumption by 20 percent. Instead of patrolling, officers set up checkpoints to check for traffic violations. Howes said the sergeant who set up the checkpoint only chose the location because it had not been used in the past. Police did not release the name of the sergeant and three troopers who operated the roadblock. "These driver license and faulty equipment checkpoints have always been a normal part of our overall enforcement strategies," he said. "The sergeant and the troopers were oblivious to any connection between the election and the checkpoint."


2000 Presidential Election

NewsMax.com WASHINGTON November 8, 2000- Defense Secretary William Cohen predicted the military vote will have a strong impact on whether Florida's electoral votes - and thus the presidency - go to Republican George W. Bush or Democrat Al Gore. The military is largely presumed to be heavily Republican, with some estimates counting as many as 80 percent of the 1.2 million active-duty personnel.


2000 Presidential Election

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 By Bruce I. Friedland

Times-Union staff writer

Bush's regional campaign coordinator, Mike Hightower, said he had aimed for a 50,000-vote margin for Bush in North Florida to buffer Gore's expected victory in South Florida. Bush won a massive victory in the region, trouncing Gore by more than 90,000 votes -- with still some precincts left to report in Nassau County. Bush took Baker, Clay, Putnam and St. Johns counties by large margins. In Duval, the county with the largest population, he bested Gore by 30 percent.


2000 Presidential Election

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 By Bruce I. Friedland

Times-Union staff writer

Meanwhile, in Florida's urban areas, unions and Democratic activists had worked hard to get the vote out in their districts. The party was able to put together a coalition of seniors, women and African-Americans behind Gore, said Bob Poe, Democratic state chairman. "Then the whole thing was turnout," Poe said. Poe said Gov. Jeb Bush's One Florida plan to eliminate affirmative action provide the spark needed to mobilize the African-American community.


2000 Presidential Election

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 By Bruce I. Friedland

Times-Union staff writer

Both presidential candidates were qualified, but Hopkins thought Bush's emphasis on military readiness and education made him the right man for the Oval Office. "It's great. We have had a really steady stream of people, and we had a nice long line waiting this morning," she said. "We have had not one time when the room was totally empty of voters."

And not everyone cast a vote for one of the two main party candidates.

Southside voter Jane Koon said she voted for Ralph Nader for president.

"I did not want to vote for either Gore or Bush," she said. "I thought again about writing in Pat Paulsen."


2000 Presidential Election

Wednesday, November 8, 2000 By Bruce I. Friedland

Times-Union staff writer

The next president may appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices, said Scott, a retired truck driver who wanted justices likely to overturn current rulings on abortion. Scott said Bush also seemed generally more pro-family.

A sense of concern over the disintegration of America's moral fabric shaped how Tom Sloan, a 69-year-old sales and marketing retiree who ended up voting for Bush.

"I'm basically a conservative person. I'm basically a moral person. And I grew up poor," Sloan said. "Times have been good. The economy has been great. But I think we're in a moral cesspool."



2000 Presidential Election

John LeBoutillier

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000

Florida: Bush is inches ahead, but as I warned last week in "Close Enough To Steal," the conditions exist for the Democrats to make their move now in Florida. The Florida attorney general, Butterworth, is also Gore's Florida campaign chairman. Uh oh! That should be worrisome. But, even worse, you just know that the U.S. Justice Department will be in there in a hot minute. And guess who is from Florida - and heads the Justice Department? Janet Reno!


2000 Presidential Election

Christopher Ruddy

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000 4:21 a.m. EST

I am being visited by the ghost of Jim Collier. Jim and his brother James wrote a wonderful book called "Votescam" detailing the rampant voting fraud that regularly took place in South Florida (heavily Democratic *wbiro). Guess who voter fraud flourished under when the Colliers investigated this abuse? Janet Reno, who, as the state attorney, served as Miami's chief law enforcement officer.


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 (Internet) Headline: “Democrat Wrong-Doing: Throwing out overseas military votes. Trying to steal Buchanan's votes.”


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 (Internet) Interview with Washington Congressman: "It's difficult for me to see a way [Gore] can get there in a way that's not very troublesome," Blunt said. He noted that Democratic officials control key posts in the counties that are undergoing a manual recount.


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 2000 (Internet) News article: In a stunning reversal, the Democratically controlled Broward County canvassing board voted unanimously to accept "dimpled" or "pregnant" chad as actual votes. Counters are allowed to determine the "intent" of the voters, a reversal of policy in place for 10 years.


2000 Presidential Election

Christopher Ruddy

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000 4:21 a.m. EST

Janet Reno, who, as the state attorney, served as Miami's chief law enforcement officer.

The Colliers revealed in their 1992 book how they uncovered preprinted voter ballots in a warehouse rented by a Miami political candidate.

Following the advice of their editor, they seized the evidence and took the illegal ballots to the State's Attorney, Janet Reno. Incredibly, Reno had the journalists arrested, rather than investigate how a candidate had preprinted ballots in his possession.

Such is the way political life in South Florida is conducted.

I have no hard evidence that voter fraud took place in South Florida, but there are some clues.

Key Democratic precincts held back turning in their final tallies until the bitter end.


2000 Presidential Election

Christopher Ruddy

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000 4:21 a.m. EST

Another bad sign are claims that some voting districts in South Florida (*heavily Democratic) had 90 percent turnout. Where do people vote in such numbers?

This suggests that people who didn't turn up to vote voted anyway, but they didn't know it. Get my drift?


2000 Presidential Election

The First Post-Clinton Scandal

By Joseph Farah / WorldNetDaily.com Nov. 9, 2000

The California Democratic Party paid for the mailing of an 11th-hour Bill Clinton campaign letter to unregistered, non-citizen Hispanics urging them to use a bogus "Voter Identification Card" at the polls yesterday, greatly increasing the potential for rampant voter fraud in the nation's richest electoral college state.


2000 Presidential Election

How The Democrats Plan To Subvert The Electoral College

By Michael Long / The National Review 11/08/00 2:15 p.m.

Gore wins the popular vote. Bush wins the electoral vote. That's what's likely. And now Gore will spend the rest of that DNC soft money of his in the campaign of his life to subvert the Electoral College. You didn't think he was just going to take this lying down, did you? The Democrats are about to launch their biggest, dirtiest campaign in modern history. This is the one that you'll tell your grandkids about.


2000 Presidential Election

Motion for New Election in Florida Dismissed CNSNews.com

A federal court in Florida dismissed Thursday an emergency motion seeking a new presidential election in Palm Beach County. The federal case is unrelated to a pair of lawsuits filed in the Palm Beach County Circuit Civil Court, which also seek new elections based on alleged confusion over the ballots used in Tuesday's election. (*Palm Beach, heavily Democratic)


2000 Presidential Election

Forged Ballot Sparks Criminal Investigation in Florida

NewsMax.com Nov. 9, 2000

The discovery of forged ballots in northern Florida has set off a probe of what may have been widespread fraud in connection with absentee ballots in the state. Moreover, the suggestion has been made that the U.S. Postal Service in Miami (*Heavily Democratic, wbiro) may have been involved.


2000 Presidential Election

Palm Beach County Delays Recount Results

Reuters Nov. 9, 2000

WEST PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach County (*heavily Democratic) will not certify its results in the U.S. presidential election until it recounts votes by machine and by hand starting Saturday, elections officials said Thursday.


2000 Presidential Election

Sen. Bond Charges Vote Fraud In St. Louis

UPI Nov. 10, 2000

ST. LOUIS -- Sen. Christopher Bond, R-Mo., Thursday charged there was widespread vote fraud in St. Louis on election night and asked the U.S. attorney and FBI to investigate.


2000 Presidential Election

Exclusive: Gore Popular Vote Fraudulent?

Wes Vernon

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2000

Conservatives, fearing that any George W. Bush victory in only the Electoral College (but not the popular vote) may leave him with a weak mandate, are prepared to challenge reports of fraud wherever it appears that Democrats may have attempted chicanery at the ballot box.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, warned before the election that the only way the Democrats could win is to cheat their way to victory.


2000 Presidential Election

Exclusive: Gore Popular Vote Fraudulent?

Wes Vernon

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2000

Other allegations of fraud not mentioned by Norquist centered on reported irregularities in Broward County in the "make or break" state of Florida; in California, where ballots allegedly were mailed out to illegal aliens; and in New Mexico, where a data glitch resulted in discounting 68,000 early and absentee ballots in a state that Gore supposedly won by about 3,000 to 4,000 votes.


2000 Presidential Election

Nov. 11, 2000 Reuters

Some 19,000 presidential ballots in Palm Beach County were disqualified in Tuesday's vote because voters mistakenly punched their ballot sheet twice, thus casting votes for two candidates.



2000 Presidential Election

Republicans Seek Wisconsin Probe

The Associated Press

MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Wisconsin (*very close Gore state, a recount possibility) district attorney was looking into allegations made by the state GOP officials about what Republicans called questionable polling procedures on Election Day. Complaints included voters receiving two ballots or being told they had already voted, said state Republican Party Chairman Richard Graber.


2000 Presidential Election

Pensacola (*heavily Democrat) Ballot Prompts Fraud Invesigation

By Scott Streater / The Pensacola News Journal Nov. 11, 2000

Read more current coverage in our Election 2000 guide! A fraudulent absentee ballot in Pensacola has sparked a criminal probe into potentially widespread voter fraud that could further muddy a presidential election whose outcome hinges on several thousand votes in Florida.


2000 Presidential Election

Candidates Must Accept Florida Vote

A Star editorial Nov. 2000

As the presidential election enters its third agonizing day of overtime, the nation is no closer to knowing who won. But there are disturbing signs that some Democrats no longer want to play by our long-established rules.


2000 Presidential Election

The Downfall of the Republic?

By Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. / NewsMax.com Nov. 11, 2000

As dramatic events unfold in Florida (i.e., tainted by mismarked ballots in Palm Beach County, miscounted votes, bureaucratic snafus, etc.) the Democrats are exploiting these "irregularities" to the core. Never mind that voter fraud by the Democrats has been widespread in South Florida (*heavily Democrat) for years, and Janet Reno has known about it.


2000 Presidential Election

Recount Judge Handles Tough Cases

The Associated Press Nov.12, 2000

MIAMI -- The federal judge who will hear the Republican Party's request to halt ballot recounts in Florida is a Clinton-appointed Democrat with a reputation for courage in difficult situations.


2000 Presidential Election

A Blatant Conflict of Interest

Theresa LePore should recuse herself from the Palm Beach vote-count process.

Sunday, November 12, 2000 1:03 p.m. EST

If you would like to know exactly how your next president will be determined, read this Saturday night dispatch from the Associated Press:

During the manual count of votes in Palm Beach County, Fla., (*heavily Democrat) officials switched tests mid-count to decide the validity of the ballots.

The two other members of the canvassing board are Carol Roberts, a county commissioner, and Theresa LePore, the county elections supervisor. Ms. Roberts is a highly partisan Democrat who met with President Clinton in Palm Beach last year while she was contemplating a run for Congress. Ms. LePore, an elected Democrat, is the designer of the infamous "butterfly ballot" that both Democrats and impartial observers say caused confusion on Election Day.

Two months ago, the same Palm Beach County election commissioners rejected a request for a hand count in a disputed GOP primary election for a state legislative seat. Beverly Green begged for a hand count of her 13-vote loss but was rebuffed. "It wasn't that close. The manual count is historically when it's single digits," said Ms. LePore at the time. A state House district is smaller than Palm Beach County, but a single-digit margin in such a district would be the equivalent of only about 100 votes countywide. Clearly Ms. LePore & Co. are applying a double standard.


2000 Presidential Election

Democrats In Positions Of Control Over Tally

By Steve Miller / The Washington Times Nov. 12, 2000

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The outcome of the 2000 presidential election is now in the hands of Florida Democrats. "These are not people who are interested in the rule of the law," said Palm Beach County Republican Party member Sid Dinerstein, speaking of local Democrats. "They are interested in winning."


2000 Presidential Election

Butterfly Ballot Flies With Ga. 2nd-Graders

Atlanta Journal and Constitution Nov. 13 2000

School psychologist Ron McGee asked the 8-year-olds at Lee County Elementary to vote for their favorite Disney character, using a ballot similar to the one that has caused controversy in Palm Beach County, Fla. He said not one of his 74 young voters marked a choice they did not intend to mark on the ballot, which instructed them only to 'Check the box for the one you choose.'


2000 Presidential Election

Their Fight is Our Fight

By Colonel Dan / Sierratimes.com  Nov. 13 2000

Al Gore and his shysters are clearly stealing this election in what amounts to nothing less than a coup d'état. My distain for the Clintons, Al Gore and the Democrats responsible for initiating and perpetuating this and other scandalous debacles cannot be measured nor described in words yet coined by man. The leaders of that despicably corrupt organization are tearing America permanently apart in their lust for political power while showing a total disregard for the constitution, the rule of law and the people they are pledged to serve.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore, Hungry for Power

By George F. Will / Washington Post Nov. 13, 2000

So the Clinton-Gore era culminates with an election as stained as the blue dress, a Democratic chorus complaining that the Constitution should not be the controlling legal authority


2000 Presidential Election

Time For Common Sense Again

By Thomas Sowell / Jewish World Review Nov 13, 2000

Polls have shown, again and again, that nearly 9 out of 10 media people vote for the Democrats' candidates for president. So this is not a source from which the public is likely to hear both sides of an issue presented even-handedly.


2000 Presidential Election

Slow-Motion Larceny In Florida May Succeed If It Can Proceed

By George Will / Access Atlanta Nov. 13, 2000

Washington --- In his campaign to follow in the presidency a man defined by moral turpitude, Al Gore promised, ''You ain't seen nothing yet.'' Now we know what he meant. Credit him with a promise kept. Credit also his farsightedness in entrusting his campaign to the late Mayor Richard Daley's son, for whom the manufacturing (literally the making by hand) of votes is a family tradition.


2000 Presidential Election

One-Two Punch Knocked Out Conservatives' Ballots, Too

By Bill Sammon / The Washington Times Nov. 13, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - More votes were disqualified in conservative Duval County than in the liberal Palm Beach County, leading Republicans to believe that double-punched ballots in Florida hurt George W. Bush almost as much as Al Gore. But Republicans opted against requesting a hand recount of Duval and other conservative counties because they were already denouncing such tallies as unconstitutional in Democratic counties where hand recounts were under way.


2000 Presidential Election

Florida Officials Use Telepathy in Prez Ballot Hand Count

Deroy Murdock

Monday, Nov. 14, 2000

In Gadsden County, near Tallahassee, witnesses say that Democratic county judge Richard Hood and two other Democrats on the canvassing commission reviewed 187 ballots last Wednesday that had been rejected by a tabulation machine. They "interpreted" ballots on which there was "more than 1 candidate's bubble selected" as well as some with "no candidate properly selected" but with "markings that indicated the voter's intent."


2000 Presidential Election

Florida Officials Use Telepathy in Prez Ballot Hand Count

Deroy Murdock

Monday, Nov. 14, 2000

While he - like all observers - was kept outside, Democrat Jeff DiSantis said Gadsden officials attempted to be "as accurate, as fair and as within the law as they possibly could."

But Sukhia would beg to differ. "I couldn't believe they were doing this," he said. "They had been asked to do a recount and a recount only. They took it upon themselves to examine ballots which had been rejected the night before."


2000 Presidential Election

Four Florida Democrats Could Pick Next President

NewsMax.com Nov. 14, 2000

Four people control the process that will determine who will win the White House - and they are all partisan Democrats. In the hotly contested Palm Beach County recount of the presidential ballots, a Palm Beach County commissioner, the county elections supervisor, and two judges could have the power to pick the next president.


2000 Presidential Election

County By County

The Sierra News Nov 14, 2000

Bush Won 2,427,000 Square Miles Of America; Gore 580,000.


2000 Presidential Election

Blood in the Streets?

By Hal Turner / Sierratimes.com Nov 14, 2000

Americans are furious over massive, blatant and widespread vote fraud by supporters of Al Gore and many are openly talking about "blood in the streets."


2000 Presidential Election

How Democrats Steal Elections'

By Jon Dougherty and David Kupelian / WorldNetDaily.com Nov 14, 2000

The manual vote recounts being insisted on by Democratic operatives in Palm Beach County, Fla., have been used for over 20 years to steal elections from Republicans, claim several GOP veterans of hand-recount election-upsets.


2000 Presidential Election

In The Daley Tradition

The Washington Times Nov 14, 2000

One of the more Dada-esque elements of this post-election limbo is the spectacle of Gore campaign chairman William Daley delivering lectures to the nation on election ethics. Mr. Daley, of course, is the youngest son of Chicago's former Mayor Richard J. Daley, the infamous political boss of the Cook County Democratic machine, who is best remembered for the political crime of the century - stealing Illinois for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election against Richard M. Nixon.


2000 Presidential Election

Bush, Gore Begin Race For 'Moral' Win

By Sean Scully / The Washington Times Nov 14, 2000

AUSTIN, Texas - The campaign of Republican George W. Bush says it holds the "moral high ground" over Democrat Al Gore and tried to paint him as desperate and willing to flout the law to win. "It's becoming increasingly clear that Vice President Gore's campaign simply wants to keep counting votes until they like the result," Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes told reporters yesterday.


2000 Presidential Election

Networks Stole Bush's Popular Vote

Barry Farber

Friday, Nov. 10, 2000

Collect all the Democrats' complaints about Florida. Take their word for everything. Add up the harm they claim was done to Gore. Then multiply by the number of states in the union and you STILL won't come near the damage done by the network's sneak attack on Bush.

On election night itself Dick Cheney complained that the minute TV announced that Gore had won Florida, the entire volunteer corps at one of the Republican phone banks got up and went home. The announcement of a defeat like Florida cuts the heart out of campaign workers, voters in Western states where the polls are still open, and everybody associated with the final scramble to maximize the Bush turnout. Bush supporters in three time zones plus many even in the Eastern time zone where polls stay open later than 7:30 were demoralized. Talk radio bristles with first-hand reports of people in the West who were listening to the car radio en route to the polls, heard that Gore won Florida, and turned right around and went home.


2000 Presidential Election

More Legal Confusion in Recount

By John P. Martin / FOX News Nov. 15, 2000

The Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a move by the secretary of state to stop the manual recount and consolidate a flurry of lower-court lawsuits into one. The court, composed of seven judges all appointed by Democratic governors, rejected the move by Secretary of State Katherine Harris without prejudice.


2000 Presidential Election

GOP Accuses Election Board Member

By Karin Meadows / The Associated Press Nov. 15, 2000

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Republicans contend Palm Beach County Commissioner Carol Roberts poked, twisted and manipulated ballots during a Saturday hand recount of four precincts and they are asking her to step down from the election canvassing board.


2000 Presidential Election

Republican Lawyers Say To Beware Of Falling Chads

By Steve Miller / The Washington Times Nov 15, 2000

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Chads were everywhere during Saturday's marathon vote recount, and it's not the night janitor who is upset; it's Republican lawyers. "Chads were seen on the floor during the process," Benjamin Ginsberg, general counsel for the Bush campaign, wrote this week to Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore. "This produces further evidence that mishandling of the ballots, not voter intent, potentially was yielding new votes."


2000 Presidential Election

Experts: Hand Recount 'Trick' Inherently Biased

By Julie Foster / WorldNetDaily

By insisting on hand recounts performed only in heavily Democratic counties, Vice President Al Gore's campaign will bias Florida's overall vote count by not including similar recounts in Republican-leaning counties, analysts say.


2000 Presidential Election

Tifton Men Protest Florida Recount

By Wendy Baldree / North Florida Online Nov. 15, 2000

TIFTON -- Dennis Bush, a political science professor at ABAC, and Dale Hall, who works in the Turner County school system, walked back and forth in front of the courthouse, with handmade signs that relayed their displeasure with Al Gore, the Democratic party, and the voting situation in Palm Beach County, Florida.


2000 Presidential Election

The Vote Heard Around The World

By Helle Bering / The Washington Times Nov. 15, 2000

Before too long a medical journal will probably come up with a name for the deep national depression that is settling in among Americans (or at least Republicans), as they watch their presidential election being subverted by Democratic legerdemain and legal wrangling in Florida. As one of the editorial writers here commented last week, "I don't think I am emotionally prepared for a Gore victory." Those of us who have gone through life with faith in the rule of law and order are finding this a truly disturbing experience.


2000 Presidential Election

Calhoun Foresaw This

By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

[Posted November 13, 2000]

As Gore adviser Paul Begala recently stated in frustration: "All this insistence on truthfulness on the part of both candidates [Gore and Bush] is getting out of control."

Bush carried 2,434 counties covering 2.4 million square miles, compared to Al Gore's 677 counties covering about a half million square miles.

Even worse, Calhoun wrote, is the tendency of democratic governments to divide the population into two groups: taxpayers and tax consumers, with the latter group employing the apparatus of the state top plunder the former group.


2000 Presidential Election

Calhoun Foresaw This

By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

[Posted November 13, 2000]

This is exactly what the USA Today county-by-county electoral map, and other post-election data, show. Gore's core support was in the inner cities, dominated by welfare recipients (including "affirmative action" welfare); the state capitols, around which reside thousands of state and local government bureaucrats dependent partly on federal largesse; the statist intellectual class which resides largely on the east coast, especially in New England; the leftist cultural elite on the California coast (the rest of California was solidly Republican); hordes of welfare-seeking immigrants, many of whom are illegal, along the Texas border; and the environmental zealots of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. Families earning more than $50,000 annually strongly supported George W. Bush, whereas those earning under $30,000 were strong supporters of Gore.


2000 Presidential Election

Calhoun Foresaw This

By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

[Posted November 13, 2000]

The power to tax in a democracy, warned Calhoun, will inevitably be used "for the purpose of aggrandizing and building up one portion of the community at the expense of another," which will "give rise to . . . violent conflicts and struggles" between the two competing parties." There hasn't been any violence in Florida as of this writing, although the Gore campaign has been doing its best to start a race war there with Jesse Jackson organizing mobs of blacks and telling them that racist Republicans have conspired to "disenfranchise" them. Riots are now apparently an "acceptable" electoral tactic (and have been since the 1960s).


2000 Presidential Election

Florida Judge Rules on Dimpled Ballots


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) Nov. 22, 2000-

A Florida judge told Palm Beach County election officials on Wednesday that they could accept so-called dimpled ballots but only so long as voter intent was clearly discernible -- a decision that could yield votes for Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore. In a ruling on standards to be used in the county's crucial manual recounts of votes from the Nov. 7 election, Judge Jorge LaBarga said the county should reject any ballot where the voter's intent was not clear.


2000 Presidential Election

Bush Blasts Florida Ruling, Reassures on Cheney's Health

United Press International Nov. 22, 2000-

TALLAHASSEE (UPI) - Republicans counterattacked on multiple fronts Wednesday after Florida's Supreme Court the night before allowed hand recounts to proceed in three Florida counties that could hold the key to who takes over the White House in January, though one of those counties decided a recount could not be completed in time. Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush blasted the court for having "changed the rules" two weeks after Election Day, and some Florida legislators said they would consider calling a special session to try to nullify the court's ruling. "Make no mistake, the court rewrote the law," Bush said. "It changed the rules and it did so after the election was over. Manual recounts will continue in three selective counties, with no uniform standards, no clear direction and therefore no fair or accurate result."


2000 Presidential Election

Now Gore Disavows Tampering With Electors

NewsMax.com Nov. 22, 2000-

Al Gore hailed the Democrat-appointed Florida Supreme Court's ruling to include hand recounts in three Democrat-dominated counties in Florida's vote tally. "Democracy is the winner tonight," Gore said. At a news conference, Gore repeatedly used his stock phrases "the will of the people" and "democracy," although the United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Notably, Gore waited until after the court's action, which boosts his chances of taking over the White House, to disavow Democrat attempts to push Electoral College voters into switching their votes from George W. Bush to him.


2000 Presidential Election

Unpostmarked Ballot Count Nixed

By Jeffrey McMurray / The Associated Press Nov. 22, 2000-

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Despite political uproar, few election officials in Florida's 67 counties found any reason Tuesday to reconsider overseas absentee ballots rejected for lack of a postmark, as the state's Democratic attorney general has urged. The letter Monday from Attorney General Bob Butterworth, an ally of Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore, urged the counting of ballots that were tossed out because they lacked a postmark but were otherwise valid. But a spot check of a number of Florida counties, including those with major military installations, found no movement toward reconsidering the overseas ballots.


2000 Presidential Election

Democratic Ballot Challenges Anger Military

By Thomas E. Ricks / The Washington Post Nov. 22, 2000-

A young U.S. Army captain posted to Hungary but who votes in Florida said yesterday that he was "disappointed and upset" to find out over the weekend that his absentee ballot probably was one of the 19 reportedly disallowed in Leon County. He isn't the only angry soldier out there. "We'll obey orders" if Gore wins, the captain in Hungary said. But he would do so believing that "there's definitely something wrong with the system."


2000 Presidential Election

Military Allegedly Denied Voting Rights

UPI Nov. 22, 2000-

SAN ANTONIO (UPI) -- A Texas lawyer said Tuesday he planned to file a lawsuit directly with the U.S. Supreme Court alleging hundreds in the military (*potential Bush votes) were denied their right to vote Nov. 7 because of widespread voter fraud.


2000 Presidential Election

Monkey Business?

By Dale Sheldon / Sun-Sentinel Nov. 22, 2000-

It has been said, "If you leave a monkey punching a typewriter long enough, he'll type out the Bible." If we leave a couple hundred in front of those ballots long enough, they'll punch out enough chads to elect Gore forever.


2000 Presidential Election

27,000 'Undervote' Ballots Could Decide The Presidential Election

By David Royse / The Associated Press Nov. 22, 2000

TALLAHASSEE -- Teams of counters in three South Florida counties (heavily Democratic* wbiro) are painstakingly reviewing more than 1.7 million ballots, but it may only take a small fraction to make a difference. So-called "undervote" ballots --about 27,000 of them -- are the ones drawing the most attention and sparking the most controversy with their dimples and chads.


2000 Presidential Election

Palm Beach Judge Sets Wednesday Hearing

By David Lawsky / Reuters Nov. 22, 2000

WEST PALM BEACH - Democrats Tuesday asked a judge to clarify his order setting standards for the hand recount of ballots, after four days of work turned up few of the votes Al Gore needs to win the Nov. 7 presidential race.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore Challenges Miami-Dade Move to Halt Recount

Reuters Nov. 23, 2000

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The campaign of Democrat Al Gore said on Wednesday that it would immediately seek to overturn the Miami-Dade County decision (*heavily Democrat) not to resume a recount of presidential ballots, a move which could jeopardize Gore's hopes for the White House.


2000 Presidential Election

Wis. Gov.: Bush Doesn't Want Recount

The Associated Press Nov. 23, 2000

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - George W. Bush will not request a presidential election recount in Wisconsin, where an unofficial tally shows he lost to Vice President Al Gore by more than 5,000 votes, campaign chairman Don Evans said Wednesday. ``The race there was indeed close, but Gov. Bush will do his part to help bring this election to a conclusion,'' Evans said. (*this in spite of student Democratic voters having admitted to voting more than once).


2000 Presidential Election

A Coup In Tallahassee

New York Post Nov. 23, 2000

That deadline was crystal clear going into the election: Seven days after Election Day. This year's certification date - Nov. 14, 2000 - did not meet the needs of Al Gore and the Democrat Party. So the Florida Supreme Court set a new date: Nov. 26, 2000.


2000 Presidential Election

Bush: 'Court Rewrote the Law'

NewsMax.com Nov. 23, 2000

TALLAHASSEE - Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush blasted the Florida Supreme Court for having "changed the rules" two weeks after Election Day


2000 Presidential Election

Tossed Absentee Ballots Have Panhandle Area Up in Arms

By Dana Milbank / The Washington Post Nov. 24, 2000

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- The Democrat Party, found what some consider a strange way to commemorate Military Appreciation Month. Last Friday night, its lawyers spent a contentious six hours trying to disqualify as many as possible of the absentee ballots sent in by overseas military personnel. That effort was repeated throughout the state, resulting in disqualifying nearly 40 percent of 3,733 overseas absentee ballots counted last Friday.


2000 Presidential Election

The People Who Count The Votes'

The Washington Times Nov. 24, 2000

"It's not the people who vote that count," Soviet dictator Josef Stalin once observed. "It's the people who count the votes." Stalin obviously did not have in mind the Democrat-dominated election canvassing boards in several Florida counties. But he might as well have. Let there be no mistake. In the immediate aftermath of the razor-thin presidential vote in the decisive state of Florida, those Democrat-controlled canvassing boards, exercising substantial vote-tabulating powers in overwhelmingly Democrat counties (Volusia, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade), were strategically pinpointed by the campaign of Vice President Al Gore to play the pivotal, indispensable role in stealing the presidency from George W. Bush.


2000 Presidential Election

Florida's Overweening Court

By Thomas L. Jipping / WorldNetDaily Nov. 24, 2000

The presidential election saga is not about the fine points of election law. It is about whether "we, the people" or "they, the judges" run the country. Tuesday night, the Florida Supreme Court (*liberal Court) took control of democracy.


2000 Presidential Election

Supreme Court Trumps Freedom

By Ron Strom / WorldNetDaily Nov. 24, 2000

In its ruling, the court decided to set an arbitrary deadline, Nov. 26, for Florida counties performing hand recounts to submit their results to the secretary of state. The ruling directly contradicts clear Florida statute that sets the deadline at seven days after the election or, in this election year, Nov. 14.


2000 Presidential Election

Dimpled, Pimpled, Pregnant;' Is This A Teenage Novel?

By Bruce Ramsey/ The Seattle Times Nov. 24, 2000

Florida may grant Al Gore the presidency by a handful of dimpled and pregnant chads.


2000 Presidential Election

Chads Show Election Pregnant With New Possibilities To Cheat

By Audrey Hudson / The Washington Times Nov. 24, 2000

Stuffing the ballot box on Election Day is "as American as apple pie," but charges of voiding absentee military votes, trading smokes for votes and cheating by chad in the presidential campaign are new to American elections.


2000 Presidential Election

Broward Absentee Ballots 'Discovered'

NewsMax.com Nov. 25, 2000

Democratic Broward County has pulled a rabbit of a hat for Al Gore -- maybe. A final recount of questionable ballots gave Gore an additional 472 votes. The new absentee baloots are expected to increase Gore's lead. But on Saturday, Broward officials offered a bigger surprise: the county discovered some 500 absentee overseas ballots that had not been counted.


2000 Presidential Election

Gunzburger's Gall: Transcripts From Broward

Recount Show Hunt For Gore Votes As Race Tightens!

DRUDGE REPORT Nov. 25, 2000

As Broward County elections officials pressed to finish their review of disputed presidential ballots, transcripts of the canvassing board recount sessions show member Suzanne Gunzburger, a Democrat and an active contributor to the Democratic National Committee blatantly hunting for more Gore votes!


2000 Presidential Election

RNC Accuses Gore of Tampering with Electors

NewsMax.com Nov. 25, 2000

In an urgent e-mail sent out to approximately 1 million Republicans, Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson claims that Al Gore is tampering with the Electoral College. Nicholson says Gore's operatives have even begun doing background checks on Republican electors.


2000 Presidential Election

Fla. Legislature To Join Lawsuit

By Jeffrey McMurray / The Associated Press Nov. 25, 2000

After Florida's Supreme Court decided Tuesday to allow hand counts in three predominantly-Democratic counties


2000 Presidential Election

Bush Campaign Seeks Count Of All Military Ballots

By Kathy Gambrell / United Press International Nov. 25, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPI) -- Attorneys for Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush on Friday asked a Leon County Circuit Court judge to determine whether 14 Florida counties used proper standards to disqualify military absentee ballots cast during the presidential election


2000 Presidential Election

DRUDGE REPORT Nov. 25, 2000

Presented here is a partial list of the more than 40% of overseas and out-of-state ballots that were rejected on technicalities in Florida.


2000 Presidential Election

Political Parade Surrounds Broward Count

By Brittany Wallman / The Sun-Sentinel Nov. 25, 2000

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Broward County watched its presidential vote gap tighten Friday in a hand-recount room that served as both a stage for a procession of political elite, including Sen. Bob Dole, and a refuge from screaming protesters. Watch-dogged by partisan observers, the three-member Broward County Canvassing Board looked at hundreds of contested presidential ballots Friday, giving scores of votes to Al Gore.


2000 Presidential Election

Traficant Fears Election Will Be Taken From Bush

The Associated Press Nov. 25, 2000

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., D-Ohio, who plans to vote to re-elect GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert, fears Florida recounts will take the presidential election from Republican George W. Bush. ``I am saying that I believe George W. Bush, by the narrowest of margins, has been elected and I believe he's going to get the shaft and I believe the machinations are underway to steal the election,'' Traficant said Wednesday on radio station WTAM in Cleveland


2000 Presidential Election

Friday, November 25, 2000

Story last updated at 10:09 p.m. on Thursday, November 23, 2000

ELECTIONS: A grand larceny

Now that the Florida Supreme Court, acting as a mini-legislature, has rewritten the state election code, the possibility of a fair outcome to the presidential election has diminished.

In the end, the seven justices, all appointed by Democrats, essentially tossed out sections of the Florida Statutes written by the Florida Legislature and allowed hand counting of votes to continue through Sunday.

This turned the process back to mostly Democratic officials in predominantly Democratic counties.

The response was predictable. Broward County has for 10 years refused to count "dimpled chad" as a vote. Now, it has changed that rule.

Broward, Palm Beach and Dade all have different standards for counting ballots cast Nov. 7.


2000 Presidential Election

Friday, November 25, 2000

Story last updated at 10:09 p.m. on Thursday, November 23, 2000

ELECTIONS: A grand larceny continued...

During the hand counting, chads are falling all over the floor and no one knows how many chads are being dimpled by the fingernails of klutzy counters.

On the other hand, they believe that absentee ballots from overseas, largely from military personnel, should not be counted if they lack a postmark. Some do lack a postmark, not because of any error on the part of the voter but because the ballot envelopes are postage paid and apparently the Postal Service does not always bother to stamp such envelopes.

The intent of these voters could readily be determined, with 100 percent accuracy. But Gore, who says he values accuracy, is leading the fight to disenfranchise them.

He also did not seek accuracy by asking for a total hand recount in Florida. Instead, he went vote mining in the rich veins of South Florida.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore To Contest, Attack County's Recount

By Joel Engelhardt / Palm Beach Post Nov. 26, 2000

that puts the Gore campaign in the awkward position of challenging the very recount it demanded


2000 Presidential Election

Angry Vets, Retirees Want Absentee Votes Counted

The Associated Press Nov. 26, 2000

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Hundreds of military veterans and retirees, angered by the rejection of overseas absentee ballots in Florida, staged one of the biggest, rowdiest demonstrations since the presidential election deadlocked more than two weeks ago. More than 2,500 sign-waving demonstrators gathered outside the old Escambia County Courthouse to hear speeches from Republican lawmakers, who were well-received in an area that went big for Texas Gov. George W. Bush.


2000 Presidential Election

Media Electiongate

The Washington Times Nov. 26, 2000

It's a shame the public can't impeach the media. If the American people could hold news outlets accountable for errors or bias in reporting, the industry might be reporting on its own electiongate.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore's Fights Spreads To 5 Courts

By Ron Fournier / The Associated Press Nov. 26, 2000

Al Gore, his fight for the presidency spread across five courts, sought a speedy recount of Florida's contested ballots Tuesday to ensure "no question, no cloud" hangs over the nation's 43rd president. Republicans said the votes were counted, recounted and now "it's time to wrap this up."


2000 Presidential Election

Gore Allegations Said 'Simply Wrong'

By David Espo / The Associated Press Nov. 26, 2000

George W. Bush's point man in Florida argued Tuesday it was "wrong, simply wrong" for Al Gore to claim that thousands of votes have never been counted in the state's bitterly contested presidential election. "It is wrong, simply wrong, and I would submit not fair to say, as our opponents do over and over, that these votes have never been counted," he said. The ballots contain no vote for president (*thereby giving liberal counters the chance to cast Gore votes themselves)


2000 Presidential Election

Palm Beach County Opens Ballots

By Karin Meadows / The Associated Press Nov. 27, 2000

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Palm Beach County gave a law firm access to thousands of contested presidential ballots Tuesday, angering Democrats who said the punchcards shouldn't be touched until election disputes are over. The ballots were opened under threat of a lawsuit from Judicial Watch, a law firm that has filed several suits against the Clinton administration in recent years. The firm enlisted hundreds of volunteers to inspect uncounted ballots in several Florida counties. Larry Klayman, chairman and general counsel for Judicial Watch Inc., said the conservative legal firm is trying to determine what standard canvassers followed in judging voter intent during the manual recount. He said its review so far found ballots counted with "no discernible standard."


2000 Presidential Election

NBC Carries Gore Speech After Giving Bush the Brush

NewsMax.com Nov. 28, 2000

Twenty-four hours after NBC declined to interrupt regular programming to cover George W. Bush's first speech to the nation as certified president-elect, the network decided to break into its Monday night prime-time schedule to air Vice President Al Gore's response live. NBC immediately denied any favoritism.


2000 Presidential Election

Jennings Denies Bearing Bush Bias

By Paula Bernstein / Variety Nov. 28, 2000

NEW YORK (Variety) - No, that wasn't a grimace on Peter Jennings' face on Sunday night. Amid accusations that the networks' election night coverage had a liberal bias, the ABC News ``World News Tonight'' anchor wants to make it clear that he is impartial when it comes to the still unresolved presidential election.


2000 Presidential Election

Election Snags, Voter Complaints Spur

Push For Remedies In Pulaski County

By Austin Gelder / The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Nov. 28, 2000

Chad ballot punchers in Florida aren't the only ones claiming they got a raw deal this election season. Plenty of Pulaski County voters will remember Nov. 7, 2000, and the weeks leading up to it as the most frustrating election period ever. Computer bugs chomped down on the brand-new electronic ballots used at early voting sites. Voters waited in line for hours only to learn that their names had been left off voter registration lists and that their votes might not count.


2000 Presidential Election

Thousands of Bush Voters Disenfranchised in Florida

NewsMax.com Nov. 28, 2000

Tens of thousands of Floridians were inadvertantly disenfranchised when the TV networks mistakenly called the election for Vice President Al Gore an hour before all the state's polls had closed, a Republican polster said Monday.


2000 Presidential Election

Recount Observers Tell NewsMax.com of Democrat Fraud

NewsMax.com Nov. 28, 2000

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Ballot observers have found one outrageous case after another of tampered ballots, miscounts and bias in the recount in Democrat-dominated Broward County, NewsMax.com learned in exclusive interviews over the holiday weekend.


2000 Presidential Election

Clinton DOD Gives Up on Counting Military Vote

NewsMax.com Nov. 29, 2000

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William Cohen is giving up on trying to make Florida count military absentee ballots, but he took steps Tuesday so the military won't be robbed of its vote in the next election.


2000 Presidential Election

Vote Fraud, and Voter Fraud, in Miami-Dade

Jack Thompson

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2000

According to an interview on Bob Dornan's coast-to-coast radio show just now finished, the news weekly Human Events is about to run with a story under reporter John Gizzy's byline stating the real reason, according to investigative work by Gizzy, the hand recount of computer punch card ballots was stopped the day before Thanksgiving.

It was not, according to Gizzy, the protests or the lack of time. It was fear of Democrat vote fraud in Florida's most populous county.

Specifically, the canvassing board, headed by David Leahy, knew of 5,000 illegal ballots cast by Haitians who are not citizens of this country and thus cannot vote. Such votes would be expected to have been cast overwhelmingly for Gore-Lieberman.

Three weeks ago this reporter, appearing on CNN to debate Alan Dershowitz, suggested to the Harvard professor that if Gore persisted in trying to win this election in a courtroom, it would eventually come out that Democrat vote fraud was engaged in, it was most likely in South Florida (specifically Miami-Dade), and that it would prove an embarrassment to Team Gore.


2000 Presidential Election

NBC Ordered Affiliates Not To Carry Bush Speech

DRUDGE REPORT Nov. 28, 2000

The Drudge Report has obtained a written order issued by NBC to all of its broadcast affiliates which directed stations not to carry George W. Bush's speech -- delivered just hours after certification of the Florida Election results!


2000 Presidential Election

By Colonel Dan / The Sierra Times Nov. 29, 2000

The seizure of power through theft of an election is the act of a tyrant. Prevention of that theft and thus the prevention of tyranny is not only justified, it is a moral obligation every one of us owes to America and to God. Al Gore's actions throughout the 90's have shown an unmistakable proclivity for the arbitrary exercise of power. His misuse of the power of the Vice Presidency throughout the last 8 years have included political fund raising schemes, obstruction of justice, use of the IRS as a political tool of intimidation, personal destruction of political opponents and collusion with unfriendly foreign governments.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore's Contortions Show He Lacks Stuff Of Statesmen

By Marianne M. Jennings / Deseret News Nov. 29, 2000

No one denies that the election was close. No one denies that voters made mistakes. No one denies the recount right in Florida. Recounts in Oregon, New Mexico, Iowa and Wisconsin might also yield different numbers.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore Gets Gonged

By Dick Meyer / CBS News Nov. 29, 2000

WASHINGTON -- Is the Veep fighting for democracy ... or just for himself? It is both ironic and educative that Vice President Al Gore's address to the nation Monday night was laced with half-truths.


2000 Presidential Election

Americans Nearly Brought Shame And Scorn On Themselves

By Peter Zhang / The New Australian (Scroll Down) Nov. 29, 2000

Bush's victory, slim as it is, brought an audible sigh of relief to Asia, except for the dictators in Beijing who have now had to put away the red carpet they had prepared for 'Sa Gua' Gore. Regardless of what one reads in most of the Western media, the Clinton-Gore administration is considered by thoughtful Asians to have been a political disaster for the Asian region. (Gore is particularly disliked and distrusted).


2000 Presidential Election

America Tired Of `More Mush From The Wimp'

By Howie Carr / Boston Herald Nov. 30, 2000

Hey, Al Gore, as they say in the bars every morning at 2, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Al, you lost. You got the Florida Supreme Court to go into the satchel for you. You've changed the rules once, twice, many times. But in spite of it all, you and your ``confederacy of gangsters,'' in Pat Caddell's instantly memorable phrase on MSNBC Monday night, were unable to steal the election.


2000 Presidential Election

Democrats File Martin County Suit

By Jeffrey McMurray / The Associated Press Dec. 1, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Democratic voters filed a lawsuit Friday against Martin County's canvassing board in an attempt to throw out 9,773 absentee ballots, most of which were cast for George W. Bush.


2000 Presidential Election

Hundreds Of Convicted Felons Voted In Florida

United Press International Dec. 2, 2000

MIAMI, Fla. (UPI) -- After reviewing almost 500,000 votes in 12 Florida counties, the Miami Herald reported Friday they had identified at least 445 convicted felons who voted on Nov. 7. Of those, the Herald found nearly 75 percent were registered as Democrats.


2000 Presidential Election

"Out-Lawyered" Bush Beefs Up Legal Team To Face Gore

By Kathy Gambrell And Mark Benjamin / United Press International Dec. 2, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPI) -- The campaign of Gov. George W. Bush unveiled a tough new legal team Tuesday to defend against Vice President Al Gore's election challenge in Florida. Attorneys said the new force includes some of the best trial lawyers in the country, seemingly hand-picked to take on Gore's legal team headed up by legal star David Boise.


2000 Presidential Election

Controversy Swirls Around Supreme Justice Breyer

DRUDGE REPORT Dec. 2, 2000

Justice Breyer, appointed by the Clinton/Gore administration, slipped during questioning and revealed just how Election 2000 has become a bitter battle split down partisan lines -- even inside of the land's highest court! Breyer stunned watchers inside of the courtroom as he grilled Joseph Klock, a lawyer for Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Justice Breyer framed the debate by stating: Whether we win, whether your side wins.


2000 Presidential Election

The Judicial-Activist State; It's Not just Florida

By Ramesh Ponnuru / National Review Dec. 2, 2000

In order to give three Florida counties time to complete their hand recounts of the presidential ballots, the court threw out the seven-day deadline and replaced it with a new one of its own devising.


2000 Presidential Election

Ugly Tactics Put Stress On Electors

By Steve Miller / The Washington Times Dec. 2, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Carole Jean Jordan, one of 25 Republican Florida presidential electors, got an e-mail so disturbing she turned it over to Vero Beach police as evidence. "It was ugly, threatening," Miss Jordan said. "It was telling me I would be sorry for this." The Florida election battlefield is spreading into the homes of these Republicans, who are pledged to make official the presidential election of George W. Bush when the Electoral College meets Dec. 18.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore Endorses Lawsuits To Reject Absentee Votes

By Bill Sammon / The Washington Times Dec. 6, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Al Gore, whose post-election mantra has been to "count every vote," yesterday for the first time endorsed Democratic lawsuits seeking to throw out more than 20,000 absentee ballots in Seminole and Martin counties.


2000 Presidential Election

Military Officers Forbidden to Criticize Al Gore

Fox News Dec. 6, 2000

For United States military men and women serving far from home, the Democrats' apparent efforts to have many of Florida's overseas military ballots rejected or discounted has been a slap in the face. "They ask us to be in harm's way. And if we're out there doing our part, why shouldn't our vote count back here?" said U.S. Army Sgt. Raymond Jenkins. But as outraged as Jenkins and his colleagues may be at having their votes discounted, they have to keep their opinions to themselves.


2000 Presidential Election

Florida Supreme Court Brings Gore Back From Brink

By Michael Conlon / Reuters Dec. 8, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) - Florida's highest court, by a four to three vote, intervened dramatically on Friday to derail Republican George W. Bush's presidential victory hopes, throwing the election open again and creating an unprecedented constitutional muddle. The divided Florida Supreme Court brought Democrat Al Gore's presidential campaign back from the brink of death, adding 383 votes to his total and ordering a manual recount of 9,000 disputed votes in Miami-Dade County and any other disputed ballots in other Florida counties.


2000 Presidential Election

Florida's Legislature Meets. . .

The Washington Times Dec. 8, 2000

Meet the leaders of the Florida legislature. You know the ones: the man who belongs to the legislature's "God Squad," the abortion foe, the "unbending" one who "took positions as unyielding as his tightly curled gelled hair." Then there's the one who had marital problems and business setbacks. That's the way The Washington Post thoughtfully characterized the two men - Florida House Speaker Tom Feeney and Senate President John McKay, respectively - who have called a special session of the legislature to consider appointing Florida's presidential electors. With reporting like that, who needs opposition research?


2000 Presidential Election

Bay County Judge Rejects Exclusion of Absentee Votes

NewsMax.com Dec. 8, 2000

In a ruling that bodes ill for Democrat attempts to exclude absentee ballots in Florida's Martin and Seminole counties, a judge in the Florida Panhandle dismissed a lawsuit Thursday that alleged Republican misconduct in absentee ballot voting in Bay County.


2000 Presidential Election

Jane Fonda Among Big Gore Givers

By Jonathan D. Salant / The Associated Press Dec. 8, 2000

WASHINGTON -- Actress Jane Fonda and at least five other supporters of Vice President Al Gore made six-figure donations to his recount committee, newly released records show.


2000 Presidential Election

Would Gore Win Recount?

By David Lawsky / Reuters Dec. 8, 2000

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - At first glance, the Florida Supreme Court's decision to order a manual recount of thousands of ballots looked like good news for Al Gore, but a fresh analysis of voting data on Saturday showed that the Democrat actually may lose ground to Republican George W. Bush. A recount has never looked good for Gore, according to this group of experts.


2000 Presidential Election

Bush Presidential Mantle in Doubt

By Ron Fournier / AP Political Writer Dec. 9, 2000

WASHINGTON -- In a jolting turnabout, George W. Bush's lead in Florida is suddenly in peril - and his carefully crafted image as the most-likely-to-succeed presidential candidate could fade with each newfound vote for Gore. It's Bush's turn to play defense. The Florida Supreme Court voted 4-3 Friday to order manual recounts across the state to review as many as 45,000 ballots on which there was no vote for president picked up by tabulating machines. The seven justices also added 383 votes to Gore's totals, apparently shaving Bush's 537-vote margin to 154 votes - out of 6 million cast.


2000 Presidential Election

Court Upholds Military Ballots

The Associated Press Dec. 11, 2000

ATLANTA -- An appeals court on Monday agreed with a federal judge who refused to throw out 2,400 of Florida's overseas ballots, mostly from military personnel, because they arrived after Election Day.


2000 Presidential Election

Attention, Florida Justices

The Washington Times Dec. 11, 2000

The Florida Supreme Court can't say it hadn't been warned. Earlier this month the U.S. Supreme Court vacated one decision of the state's justices because they had overstepped their bounds in rewriting election laws more to their - and Al Gore's - liking. Apparently they didn't get the message.


2000 Presidential Election

Supreme Court Rules on Florida Case

The Associated Press Dec. 12, 2000

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday night that the Florida Supreme Court erred in its order for a manual recount of thousands of ballots in the state contested presidential election. In an extraordinary late-night decision that unfolded on national television, the justices said the recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court violated equal rights and there was not enough time to conduct a new recount that would meet constitutional muster.


2000 Presidential Election

Supreme Court Rules for Bush

By Ron Fournier / Associated Press Writer Dec. 12, 2000

WASHINGTON -- A U.S. Supreme Court as divided as the nation's voters ruled for George W. Bush in the Florida presidential election case Tuesday night, reversing a state court decision that had ordered new recounts sought by Al Gore.


2000 Presidential Election

Florida House Votes 25 State Electors for Bush

By Paul Simao / Reuters Dec. 12, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) - Florida's Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a plan to deliver the state's 25 Electoral College votes for the U.S. presidency to Republican George W. Bush even as the nation waited for the U.S. Supreme Court to make a crucial ruling on the issue. The resolution naming a slate of Bush delegates to the U.S. Electoral College passed 79-41 with two north Florida Democrats


2000 Presidential Election

Court: Absentee Ballots Should Count

By Larry Neumeister / The Associated Press Dec. 12, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - In twin victories for George W. Bush the Florida Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that 25,000 absentee ballots challenged in two Florida counties should count in the state's contested presidential election. On a pair of 6-0 opinions, the justices upheld the rulings of two state judges, both of whom had said the ballots should count even though local election officials had permitted Republican party activitists to add information to their absentee ballot applications.


2000 Presidential Election

Cracked Judicial Pillar

By Robert Novak / NewsMax.com Dec. 12, 2000

WASHINGTON - It was bad enough that the brief celebration by Al Gore's camp was unexpectedly spoiled Saturday when the long-sought manual vote count was halted after a few hours. Even worse, it was stopped by the driving force of liberal activism for the past half-century: the federal judiciary.


2000 Presidential Election

Daschle Blocks Bill On Military Voting

By Rowan Scarborough / The Washington Times Dec. 12, 2000

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is blocking passage of a bill that would authorize polling places on domestic military installations and ease the obstacles some service members face in absentee balloting.


2000 Presidential Election

Will Republicans Surrender the Military Ballot Issue?

By Wes Vernon / NewsMax.com Dec. 12, 2000

Perhaps no action in Al Gore's effort to steal the election has prompted as much outrage among the public as his systematic challenge of military overseas ballots.


2000 Presidential Election

Jackson Predicts 'Explosion' If Gore Loses

By Audrey Hudson / The Washington Times Dec. 12, 2000

The Rev. Jesse Jackson yesterday predicted a "civil rights explosion" if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against Vice President Al Gore. (*typical liberal terror tactics- wbiro)


2000 Presidential Election

The last thing some Republicans want is a President for "all Americans"

Friday, December 22, 2000

By William T. "Mac" McTavish

Seems the tight-asses are upset because Bush appointed a pro-choice Texas judge as White House Counsel.

Then, to make things worse, he is tapping New Jersey moderate Republican governor Christine Todd Whitman for the cabinet.

"I didn't vote for George W. Bush so he could fill the White House with blacks, Hispanics and women," the disillusioned Bushie wrote. "This is not the Republican way."


2000 Presidential Election

Democrats Won't Disclaim Jackson's Remarks

By Donald Lambro / The Washington Times Dec. 13, 2000

Democratic congressional leaders yesterday refused to directly repudiate the Rev. Jesse Jackson's call to "take to the streets" to delegitimize and discredit George W. Bush if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in his favor.


2000 Presidential Election

Media Bias Is Showing

The Washington Times Dec. 13, 2000

The closer George W. Bush comes to winning the presidency, the more apocalyptic and disingenuous the liberal media become.


2000 Presidential Election

Gore Decides To Drop Out of Race

By David Espo / The Associated Press Dec. 13, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Al Gore decided Wednesday to concede the country's overtime election, aides said, clearing the way for George W. Bush to become 43rd president and leader of a nation sharply divided along political lines.


2000 Presidential Election

Voter-Purge List Of Felons Made Public

By GARRETT THEROLF gtherolf@tampatrib.com

Published: Jul 3, 2004

Among racial groups, the largest reported group was non-Hispanic whites with 24,197, followed by 22,084 non-Hispanic blacks, 1,384 unknowns, 61 Hispanics, 14 Asian or Pacific-Islanders, 12 American Indians and 11 others. The list consisted of 37,777 men and 9,986 women.

Mistakenly purging eligible voters from the rolls was among the state's biggest stumbles in the 2000 presidential election in Florida, which decided the presidency by 537 votes.

The list included voters who had never been convicted of crimes, some whose rights had been restored by other states and others whose names matched those of felons. Nobody knows how many valid voters were disenfranchised.

(*reinforces my perception that the Democrats can’t win without felons, and that liberals are a criminal's best friend).



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