“A Few Nice Sentences Causing a Surge in Agribusiness”


The benevolence of humanity

To the honorable and unselfish

Inclined to a gentle correctness,

Imparting a scolding spoil

Of craven entanglement

Of intoxicated sensation

Surpassingly beastly, brutal, irrational,

A vile hazard

Recalled to occur

In an early exhibit

Of deluded ensnarement

And corrupt ruin,

Seduced by the plight

Of ill sorrow

For the greater good,

Confounded and dazed,

Mystified and perplexed,

Captivated beyond influence,

With a tendency to quarrel,

Summoning the massive

Inflated dogma

In exchange for a kiss

On the beak.



Causing a surge

In confined ancestry

Hardened to creation

Racing for a crumb to clutch

Grappling with the harsh darkness,

The forbidden blackness,

The sorrowful slander

So reprehensible,

Condemned to constant disapproval,

The fault faultless,

The guilt guiltless,

A spotless, whitened

Gentle flattery

Of empty vacuous trumpeting

Ablaze in cheerless desolation

Combined with a mingling

Of beautified imperfections

Happily glorified,

The bliss killed

In a blast of headlong disappointment.


Deprived of sight,

Confused, hidden

In the intricate labyrinthine twinkling

Of ecstasy,

A joyous obstruction

To the blossoming of lineage and passion,

Blown like a flower

In disgrace,

Impacting on calamity

And disaster,

A misfortunate setback

Gasping in a melancholic blustering

Of coarse deception,

Floundering in a dull mistake,

Glowing with a reddened swagger,

Boasting of a prefigured

Carnal corpse

Of bubbling foam

Gathered on a swelling tumor

Of noisy courage,

Self reliant and heroic.


Cushioning the dart of pomposity

That enslaves us in the chains

Of the merry rewards of fools,

A manual

Of erudite joviality,

A clown of uncivilized,

Unfruitful pillage

Of the worthless outskirts

Of disturbed blunder,

Troubled and vexed,

Pestering and annoying

The cheerful jolly march

To the immeasurable bounties

Of princely kindness

And a torrent

Of subdued sympathy

And tenderness

Buttressed with the support of youth,

Lighting the torch

Of fearless gallantry.


The fractured roar

Of the scuffle

Opened a chasm

Of disruption

Bursting asunder

The splintering bosom

Of animated conscience

Hatched from a live brevity

Of contrived allurement,

Controlled momentarily

By a short brilliance,

Dazzling in the clear

Cloudless coastline

Of intelligent agility,

Conveying a ruptured exhaustion,

Brittle and shattered,

Shaken but enduring,

The pounding approach

Of friendly transparency

Via the celestial bodies

And their motions,

Covered by a dome for protection

From atheists

On an island of coral

That circles a lagoon

Abandoned to agribusiness.




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