“A Wandering Odyssey of Thought During a Wedding and Reception”        


Part I: A Passive Observation of the Bride:        


The victory of the bride        

Is complimented by a collection of matrimonial objects        

And molded into a period landscape

Of wedding favors, invitations,        

Bridal shoes and gloves,        

Flowergirl jewelry,        

Handkerchiefs, garters, tiaras, veils,        

Bouquet holders, and an emergency kit        

Containing nail polish, needle and thread,        

Ibuprofen, and mints…        


The bride, now married,        

Brilliant in color,        

Dangerously radiant and intelligent        

While harboring the dark streaks        

Of her past trials-        

Receiving the adornments        

Of love and affection-        

More than all the water contained in the oceans        

Spilling over the rim of vows        

That today has been tipped        

By the long broach of mutual perception,        

Seeping into a broad area        

Of future’s fabric,        

Causing a lustrous finish        

On the fair side of the gown        

That catches the wind        

Like a white sail.        


Radiant heat accents her cool demeanor,        

Done completely without money,        

A scene destined for the silver plated photo album        

Showcasing the most memorable snapshots.        


The strong regional accent of the bride’s lineage        

Is broken violently into scattered fragments,        

Damaged and altered,        

But the results drowning any grief and despair        

By being free from their confines and        

Ending the days of useless existence-        

Like a rusty pin        

On a shiny brooch floating        

In a small fresh water stream        

That is lost in the churning rapids        

Of a large canyon river        

And settles on the shore        

Of a small fishing village…        


The bride, mature and tolerant        

With an added alluring aspect that perfection would only diminish        

Shares the same parents as the bully        

With the large ridge above his eyes,        

Between yellow and red in color,        

Hiding a chewy chocolate cake        

In his harsh, cruel round hands        

Not quite developed completely,        

Who became a wild ox carrying the provisions        

Of  malicious intent, waiting,        

Who then brayed and charged with malevolent horns        

Upon my reluctant arrivals in his nightmares…        


As the ceremony progresses        

Small insects listen to the variations        

In the timber of the voices        

While they erect their walled structures        

That swell on the surface of the lawn        

Until they are dug up by a stubborn machine        

Designed for moving earth        

And operated by a large figure        

Who is warmly dressed        

Like a father rabbit        

Living in a one story cottage        

In the tall grass in the rear lot        

Until he was caught        

And sold to one who slaughters animals        

And dresses them for food,        

And who is extremely exhausted        

At being the guardian of the accustomed barbarity        

Of a ruthless period        

At the end of a Cyclopean era        

And whose thoughts never wander…        



Part II: The Reception:        


This festivity coincides        

With irrational incoherent perplexities        

Created by the anticipation and determined efforts        

To add to the occasion        

But fade in a final sea of accessories to accompany the event-        

Cake toppers, server sets,        

A guest book, wedding cameras, chiffon ribbon,        

Toasting glasses and bridal purses        

Decorated with keepsake wedding bells,        

Along with the indispensable confetti, wedding bubbles,        

Favor boxes, rice roses, and unity candles…        


As the evening progresses        

Unrelated topics are conversed as the festive fare is consumed cheerfully,        

While deep explanations on the exposition        

Of the business of trading compliments        

Is intermixed with the grinding pity and condolences        

That is relegated to the person        

Who arrived without the proper wares        

That are comfortable, convenient, and useful to the public,        

Yet ineffectual in the occasional disturbance and uneasy turmoil        

That unfolds in sociable miscommunications        

But overcome by chatty, conversable people        

Accustomed to the dense but concordant intercourse of society        

In company with surrounding kindness        

And agreeable companionship.        


I desire to be deviously lured into an abstract, brief outburst        

To the satisfaction of the more endowed contestants,        

But I am the one who must make the first move        

And cannot choose…        


The bride takes the first dance,        

Now a fluid refined animated sculpture        

Of a white antelope in the Northern snow,        

With bells chiming their frosty song        

That now abruptly changes key as the melody is sung        

By joyful but harsh voices        

That had too much of the spiked juice from a tropical tree…        


An angel resembling a child hovers,        

Sharpening its arrows with a harmonious chisel        

That shapes the chitchat and chivalry        

And imbues them with hidden messages…        


As I spy a swift, cunning wildcat        

Pausing to imbibe a slice of the wedding cake        

With cheese, deviled eggs, fried chicken, meatballs,        

Pasta, sweet potatoes, and Champaign,        

Who surrenders in solitude to the large multitude-        

I must save her        

With my shining armor, white steed, and plastic red rose;        

I am a second too late        

As my steed trips on my oversized hush puppies        

And spills my drink unnoticed into the best man’s carnation.        


A golden railed marble staircase        

In the enormous reception hall        

Successfully weaves its intended illusions        

For the captured audience,        

Crafted by a blend of knowing        

Deranged architects        

Who channeled their talents        

Into foolish daggers of delicious lusts for power        

For their clients,        

Delicate and elegant,        

Scrupulously caressing the idle time of the onlookers.        


The Farewell- A New Beginning:        


I grab my coat as it ends,        

With no harm done to the bearing of the former mistress        

In the coatroom,        

I see she is condemned        

To an abominable repose        

In the chill of the damp wet blankets        

Of false affections,        

And with a last glance back I meet the bride’s smile        

Now eased by the long final culmination        

Of many smart choices        

And the great timely efforts        

Of lovers and friends.        




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