“A Brief Statement About Truth”



A brief statement about truth

From a non-scientific,

Though energized, study

Of human expression

To the point of aphasia

Which arrives at its highest

Point of conclusion

When viewing a fruit

Of favorable sweetness

With seeds;

Where thoughts move swiftly

In irregular rhythm

And labored breathing

To achieve keen exposition

Of theory

And simple assertions

Of our sentient insight

Of creative inspiration

That pulses us forward

To a state of exertion

In wild invention

And artful enterprise

In mass cooperation.

Like ants.


Detailed in an immeasurably

Simple way here, as follows:


Now combining the all-powerful

Bounty of friendship

Together with the sonorous

Shifts in contention

Interrupting a difficult

Albeit entirely unreachable loftiness

And the result is a blend

Of accumulated stagnation

Of staggering bewilderments,

Ministering to the enigmatic

Aspirations and intent

To improve the responsive agreement

And atone for any dearth of pleasantness

Or sensitivity

Which becomes attractive,

Good natured, harmonious,

And charming

In a cordial kind of erroneous way,

That dispenses forgiveness

In kind yet enamored

Passionate, tender

Erotic chaotic

Aggregate of generous amusement

And ample merriment

And copious verve,

Curtailed not by diversion

But invigorated by a resemblance

To resolute symmetry

Anathema to the structures

Of fore bearers and pedigree.


I must further postulate on one minor point however:


In defense of the primitive accessories

Of rapturous instinct

Diverging from the furious agony

Of nascent observation

In the living archives

Of dissolved explanation

Revealed in a declaration

Of foretasted fulfillment,

Rejoined with restless, quiet,

Unapologetic composure

Appearing unmistakably

In the phantom form

Of a ghostly apparition

In the ghoulish shape

Of a tranquillized countenance

Of entreating demeanor

And appropriate cheer

Extolling the longing desire

For universal approval

And a hint of absolute power-


If you’re still with me, here is the defense:


Now it follows that

It is indifferent

To the burning consequence

Of the inability to examine

The structure in great detail

Of masculine features

Of immortal beings

That do not contain water

Or give notice

To the development

Or apoplexy of man;

Sent on a mission of aphrodisia,

But only serving to arouse

An appetite for lies

That protect the body

From nocturnal emotions and desires.



Now here are the results

From past postulation

And theorization

Hypothesized, analyzed

From a doctrinal basis,

Synthesized and rationalized

From armchair philosophization:



You may have a startled embrace

Of this mystic conclusion,

You can experience the world

With a more complex grasp

Of subconscious unconscious


Self-psychic psychotic


Subliminal integration

Of self realization in a





Self-analytical way

In bodies of knowledge

That exist today.



If truth be a body,

And bodies of knowledge

Be the composite parts

Of its body, I say

We know we don’t know

If we know what we know

And its known to be lacking

In knowing such Knowns,

Be it bodies of knowledge

Or knowledge of bodies

Or bodies of unknown

Parts that are lacking,

We know we’ll be humbled

Or blown away

If we ever get bumbled

And enter the fray

Of describing

The infinite parts of our truth,

Or the questions of ‘why’

With its infinite causes

Like so many slices

Of reality pie.


Is this just more mud in your cerebral eye?



Plato reasoned that

‘Acknowledged ignorance

Is better than the unacknowledged

Lack of true knowledge’;


If acknowledging that

Ignorance acknowledged is better

Than unacknowledged ignorance

Serves to underscore that

The acknowledged unacknowledged acknowledgement

Of knowledge

Is worse than unacknowledged knowledge or lack,

And that acknowledged ignorance

Undermines your knowledge

Of illusions of your intelligence

Being intact;

Until your inevitable failure

To acknowledge your knowledge

Of unacknowledged ignorance

Of fact.



Everything I said should now be retracted

Or rephrased

Without haze;

But I sit here

And gaze

At such an impossible task.

So I now relax

From this staggering maze

Of verbiage about truth

In a reticent way.











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