“A Love’s Misunderstanding”


She gazed at him

With love-forlorn eyes

Wondering why she’s rejected.


His mind is off on far-away adventures

Becoming strong enough

To keep her forever.


She feels unloved


Cast aside

By his far-away eyes.


He sees himself in the future

On a white stallion

In brazen armor

Sweeping her off her feet

Where they live happily ever-after.


She thinks their love is dead.

She makes the decision

That her suffering will end.


The paramedics just don’t understand it.

A girl so frail

A guy so pale

Broken, seeing her gone.


You would say

This was  love's misunderstanding.

I would say

Tragically, yes

And all too common.

Something falls from his grasp

As he is led away.

A small poem

Scrawled this way:

     With you
     Rainy days are beautiful
     Full of feelings
     Of love and bliss
     Any day with you
     I'll always remember
     Those are the days
     I'll always miss

It's picked up

And placed it in the girl's hands.

Isn't it sad it won't be felt?

This is not us.

Have we not learned?

Or can we, too

Be so easily blinded

By a misunderstanding

Through the perils of love?




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Author's Questions/Comments
to all the sad girls out there who think they are unloved by the one they love...