‘Sneaking In From the Rain’

‘Am I Ruined?’


“Am I Ruined?”


Now that I’ve found AllPoetry.com

My poems ring with a different song-

Before today my poems were bred

For deep and serious things ahead.

Before, my withering exposés

In poignant, sullen melancholy

On cogitated complex non-clichés

Were presented with imperious flame.

Now my seconds tick tock tick

With lighter fare you’ll see below,

Yes, my lighter halves explode

In madcap dances herein told

That need no year to be rewrit

Like this one here, it goes like this:



“Sneaking In From the Rain”


Sneaking in from the rain

Used to be so easy,

Now I’m oh so handicapped

By these technologiezies:

Scringgg scrunggg

Mmmfffip mmmfffop

Splich splurch

Schlumpfff schlurmpffff

Go  my wet sneakers;

Zzziiitt zzzzutt

Wizzizzer wizzuzzer

Zweee zweeer

Zzzniiitt zzznutt

The  noise of my corduroys

Show they are not wheezers;

"Zhhhisss zhhhusss

Zssississ zssussuss

Sweezst zsurst

Zwish zwush"

Shouts my vinyl jacket;

Zzzip zzzup

Zzzwweep zzzwweerp

Zwizzoo Zwizzuh

Zwiih zwaah

I,, like a fool unzip it.


In a final almighty zap

To my devilish sneakinations:






Chim chime!*

I'm betrayed by the fatal cell phone call

Querying if my stealth came to fruition.


Final Scene:

Now that all the lights are on

And everyone confronts me

I stand there like a soaking sock

And say, “It’s raining! Eeennn! Eeennn! ”

Then with aplomb I take my leave,

And slowly slide away,

And slinking, soggy from the stage

I make my noisy getaway.


“Am I Ruined”


Now those who know me, don’t think I’m ruined

With simple rhythm in form and time,

I’ve merely broadened in my girth

And as well as the serious, I now sling mirth

In presenting truths to my simple earth-

On lighter topics do I now chime

With insufferable nursery rhyme!





Thank You!

Good night!



*to the tune of that fife-and-drum piece

those three marching wounded 1776

American revolutionary guys play

in that famous painting


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