“An Itemized Bill For Services Rendered”


(1) For creating a cavern

Of hypercritical studies

That fill the hollow voids

Of your existence

With unceasing refrains

Of endless, interminable

Unrelinquished abuses

Of efficiency and time: $200.


(2) For applauding your keeping

Of faith and honor

With the distinction

Of not wavering

Under the assault

Of chaotic warbling

And unbalanced wrath

While being completely misunderstood

And undeservedly derided,

And for acknowledging your commanding

A benign charity

That attracted jeers,

Ridicule, and mockery: $400.


(3) For support

In avoiding the burial ground

Of dead reputation

While teasing the undoubting

And abandoning the certain

In order to test the strength of truth

In a land of hostility and deceit

On the edge of nature

In order to mutate

In a casual fashion

The wayward ego

Into duty and trust: $750.


(4) At no thought to cost and debt

Engaging in a singular act

Of festivity

Symbolizing the spirit of merriment

And thus raising the despondent

From the dark boxes of their childhood

And pointing their eyes

Toward the light

With unbiased minds,

Cutting through the down-heartening

And hazarding the possibility

That defending the dispirited

Will cast a peculiar light

On the trait

With sad disposition

Exhausted from being shackled

To inhumane characters

Of uncivilized cultures: $40,000.


(5) For causing a discharge

Of emotive missiles

In round wooden mindsets

That cause destruction and ruin

To the ill-framed conceptions

Of naughty and disobedient

Unmarried males

Who refuse to date

Because of the rod-like

Microscopic organisms

That exude an artistic expression of dance

For no apparent reason,

And which vomit their

Fragrant soothing ointments

On the elaborate dinners and feasts

Served over the past four

Incalculably grueling days: $12.50.




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