“Dissent From Liberalism-

An Ode To Our Misguided Liberal Friends”


An Ode to Liberals

Is now past due,

They claim they’re the majority,

And the Right are the few.

Their distortions and lies

Plaster our views

With a media-blitzed cloak

Of flocculent pooh.


“They stole the election”

Their mantras rant

While their own miss-counters

Stuffed chads in their pants

And demanded recounts

In three crooked Democrat counties.

“Let every vote count”

They high-handedly pushed,

Unless it was overseas military

Voting for Bush.


“You have no compassion”

They rave with conviction

While buying votes with free money

Is their true predilection.

They revel in power,

Have a God complex, but don’t mock it,

Because they satisfy their ego trip

With their hands in your pocket.


“America is an Empire”

They accuse with aplomb,

And yet turn a blind eye

To the enemies of freedom

Then before you can say ‘cool’

They turn tail and run

And stab those in the back

Who voluntarily shield and defend-

Such is this Ode

To our misguided friends.


It’s true: some self-critique

Is healthy and productive,

But their U.S.A. bashing

Is blind and compulsive.

They are cynical at best,

They see no true-hearted,

Because their own ranks are filled

With the book burning black-hearted.


Liberals call themselves ‘progressive’

Thought they’ve turned the wrong way,

They have really regressed

Back to caveman days

Before Ancient wisdom was writ

And wisdom held sway;

But ancient wisdom is lost

On our Liberals today.

They rewrite history

To support their childish views,

Which have no basis in fact,

Common sense, and are half-truths,

It’s just a juvenile rebellion

Against Generation-WW2.


Our liberal’s failed economic sanctions

Killed half a million babies,

Will they admit this?

Not these Lords and Ladies,

They instead march smugly with placards

Accusing Bush of war crimes,

And ignore their hypocritical reflections

In the windows they smash

As they shout “peace” and pass by.


Iraqi casualties under Bush

Numbered 5-10 thousand-

Do your math, which is larger,

This or 500,000?

And ask yourself this,

As you’re pondering the above:

Which course of action

Got the job done?

The few thousand killed in the war

Were by cowardly Militant Muslims

Who use them as shields in battle

And in their sneak attacking,

Our liberal friends wring their hands

And blame Bush for the lacking,

Afraid to blame the real criminals

While on unreality

Cowardly and blindly snacking.


The Liberally biased Media’s

Hypocritical flags fly high,

They read the names of the war dead

But not 9/11. Why?

With such unbalanced fare

The terrorists are encouraged,

And more innocents die.


Our liberal friends have a blind aversion

To using military force, but no matter,

Bush’s saved another 500,000 Iraqi children

From their blind sanctions slaughter.

And to think our lib’s want to return

To their unfeeling and deadly method-

Their failed foreign policy blunder

Which achieves no objectives.


The U.N. traded oil for palaces,

(and suicide bomber money)

While our Liberals pushed forward

For U.S. paralysis.

Bush got the Monkey

Off of Iraq’s back,

A progressively twisted monkey

With Saddam’s sons out of whack,

Who were lined up to inherit the throne

To an even more twisted Iraq,

European-bestowed Arab tyrannies

Have been at the core

Of the creation of terrorists

And their ill-aimed attacks.

9/11? A call for help,

And Bush answered that day;

But our Liberal friends give terrorists excuses

To continue their ways-

As militant mullahs continue

To teach ignorance and hate,

And mafia mullahs continue

To peddle in influence and death.


Our misguided liberals

Sport failed arguments of yore,

They still shop for their mindset

At mixed-up 60’s stores:

‘Make love, not war’

Yet war is still around,

As for free love,

AIDS and orphans abound.


Our liberal friends to this day fail to realize

Peace is not a unilateral high,

They march with peace signs,

But it’s easy to see why-

It makes them feel big

To only bash the big guy-

With dozens of wars raging on the planet

And more stewing in the pan,

Who do liberals single out and pick on?

You guessed it- Uncle Sam!

Such self-destruction

Has not gone unnoticed,

Bush’s reelection

Has given this movement its Notice.


In art,

Liberals make their sacrifices

At the alters of the weird,

Such as a cross in a urine bottle;

“It is art” we are steered.

Our Liberal friends fund it

To make a historic splash,

What they don’t consider

Is that its just Sodom and Gomorrah rehash.

With our Liberal friends

There is no right and wrong,

‘Good is bad, bad is good’

Are the lyrics of their songs.

It’s too bad the liberal art world

Is so fucked up and obscene,

There are many good artists

Who walked away from the liberal art scene

And are now clerks and secretaries,

Beat down and put out, but still clean.


Their figurehead Clinton

Interviewed on NPR,

Being surmised

Of his book

Closely titled “My Lies”

Weakly whines,

“It’s not fair to judge a person (him)

By one act (Lewinsky)… unless it’s a crime…”

And a long, awkward pause

As his foot from his mouth he unwinds;

But the very next moment

Spouts this liberal hotshot,

And I quote,

“You say what you have to say,

Whether it’s true or not.”

And interesting to witness

The shocking silence again

As the leftwing interviewer

Gives this liberal mascot fresh air

As once again his foot

From his mouth he unsnares;

Now with great effort

The interviewer restrained

From the pounce-

Can Wolfowitz boast

Such blind, deferential adulation

From the same interesting

But lefty host?

Not an ounce.


So take care and breathe a critical breath

On what you hear, see, and read

From our liberal left friends

It’s your (and their own) destruction they seek.


Come back next week,

This Ode will double in length-

Because when it comes to our Liberal friends

There is always fresh stink.








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