ďAs I Struggle To SurviveĒ


As jointed limbs

And a segmented body


In a noble array of weapons

The vast assemblage

Surrounding and encircling

Awakening such terror

Hindering any movement

Toward escape;


Arriving at an arrogant assumption

That I will not bolt,

Itís craft and skill

Artfully cunning

In a substance of chicanery

With a craving desire

For mastery and power,

Unaffected by my simple expression

Of fear

Or my prospect of retreat,

Itís rough, uneven bitterness

Corrosive and invasive;


Before I yield to the onslaught

I gather my vindication

And affirm my defense,

Asserting my position

In a declaration of unremitting audacity

Combined with startling engagement,

Emboldened by a deep sanctuary

Of ingenious intelligence

And robust savagery

Born of accomplished undertaking

And reflective study;


With watchfulness and mindfulness

The stalemate begins,

Ensued in a courtship

Of subtle displays

Of enticements

And witchery

With fearless effrontery

And portents of majesty

Dignified, imposing;

An omen of solemn grandeur-

Relentless, uncorrupted,


Pure dominion and supremacy

Ascends in a punishing retaliation

That was dodged

With knowing intimidation

In awesome enormity;


Recovering from my bungling charge

I withdraw

And pluck new resolution

From a firmness of heart

And with naked excess

I maul itís venomous

Fierce mandibles

And tame the cruel beast.


Then I awoke

And was struck

With sudden trepidation

In a slanting direction

Toward a sticky,

Thick, blackish,

Suffocating hallucination of defeat,

Deadly, calamitous,

Sustained by an ineffectual illumination

Of the contest,

A prisoner of this cruel brutality,

Painfully swelling

My new life

As I struggle to survive.







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