Dark Erotica

My fingers
Slowly move over your skin
Over your neck
So pale, so frail
Like a fragrant rose
They pause
Then slowly down
To forbidden realms
Breaking your will...
Instincts tell you to bolt
Something is not right
My shadow in the darkness
Does not fit the man you met tonight
And the moon is full...

Oh hell, rhyming just doesn't do it, let me try again...

There once was a girl in Seville
Who forgot to take the pill
She jumped into bed
With the things she'd most dread
And now...
And now...
And now... Oh Beezelbub, can't finish that one, let me try again...

Hmmm... Damn mental block, Stuck already, let me try again...

The frost on your lips
Will never be removed
By my vampire's kiss.
Silverish and cold
In life they were old
Beyond their years.
But now they are mine
Two of a kind
Hiding from the day
For eternity.

OK, getting warmed up, let me try again...

Entwined we lay bare
In the moonlit air
We'll be sacrificed tonight
By our Cult.
Our blood will be mingled
In the morning glow
But now in this mist
My dark side will scream
In last violations of your soul!

Alright... any more would be unnatural!


thanks for the fun opportunity. Hoooooowwwwl!
Or is it "I vant to thank you verrrry much!"
PS- the title was going to be "Dark Erotica- From a Werewolf"
but that put a limitation on the poem's imagery.

ah, end of limerick:
And now on Halloween her whole family's a chill...