“Digital Ecstasy”    


Though lovers they desire to be

The barrier of the digital worlds

That separate them

Yet join them
Across the digital sea

Makes that an impossibility.


They plunge over the edge

Of emotional waterfalls

Their unfulfilled passions fly away

On unconscious flames burning

Their hearts quivering

Pulsing with a longing desires
That cry out 

Then are digitally slayed.


They yearn to touch

Through the digital screens

Thousands of miles distant
In efforts to unite and entwine

Alas, they touch

But it's only imagined
Still they are digitally slayed.


They try mingling

In virtual arms

The digital world
Would sense this explosion
Of passions and dreams

And release them

In a blinding light of sheer joy

Dazzling one another's dark day

This would be digital ecstasy!


Their union is pure here

Sailing on digital whispers of yearning         

Their hearts, they mingle

Their thoughts, they play
In this digital realm

In digital time

They consume each other’s fantasy      

And achieve in the age of binary
Their destined digital ecstasy!