A Letter: "Empathy and Age from a Village Elder”


A girl is abused, abandoned, misused

By one she innocently loved and trusted,

She’s now lost and alone but possesses such strength

Advice, like the village elder, upon me is thrusted:


Your life speaks volumes on the state of a world

That’s improved from the past but still holds many wrongs,

You carry the pain of many in your heart and memories

Like the prophet who died on the cross for the throngs.


In this modern age of technically wonderful things

The best thing you can do today is live free-

For yourself, for revenge, and for all the others

Who’ve suffered your fate and have been treated harshly.


To succeed in life is the path you must take

Which nowadays means getting a four-year degree-

At any cost (and at anything!)

To be a guiding beacon for your others to see.


To marry a nice guy who wants peace for his song

Leaving the bad in the dirt where they surely belong;

As for the Father that hurt you due to no self control

You could send him to jail, and he probably knows.


I’ve said enough, the rest is for you to decide

The last thing you should do is sit there and hide.







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