Titles: Fun With Moore: A Point by Point Scoring of Fahrenheit 9/11
Fahrenheit 9/11
Bush Slam 9/11
The Day Moore Shot Himself In His Political Left Foot
Blind Cynicism 9/11
        2000 Presidential Election:
"Bush got away with 2000 election..."
"1st cousin called victory in Florida..."
"Chairman of Bush campaign vote count chairman..."
        2000 Presidential Election Recount:
"if there was a recount Gore would have won Florida…"
        2000 Presidential Election:
"official misconduct in Florida vote..."
        2000 Presidential Election House of Representatives Protest:
"Not a single senator came to the aid of African Americans in Congress…"
        2000 Presidential Election:
In Washington DC liberals in the streets were seen demonstrating to "reclaim what was taken from them"… showing eggs thrown at Bush's car…
        "Bush lost Republican control in the Senate"
        "Bush's approval ratings began to sink"
        "Bush already beginning to look like a lame duck president…"
        "Bush went on vacation…"
        "Pre 9/11 Bush was on vacation 42% of the time"
        Bush, in response to reporter's challenge that he's taking too many vacations: "You don't have to be in Washington to work"…
        Bush, in response to reporter's challenge that he's taking too many vacations: "You don't have to be in Washington to work"…
        "Bush's summer to remember, with fine French linens…"
        Wolfowitz licking comb and running it through hair… a Moore attempt to make Wolfowitz look bad…
        Powell getting makeup- a Moore attempt to make Powell look superficial...
        Bush getting "camera ready" for a speech, an attempt by Moore to catch Bush being stupid…
PART 2:BUSH AND 9/11    
        Moore cuts into the World Trade Center event…
        Moore still on WTC
        "After 1st plane hit, Bush went ahead with photo-op."
        After 1st plane hit, "Bush continued to read…"
        "Was Bush wondering maybe should he have shown up to work more often…"
        "Bush held not one meeting with his head of counter-terrorism…"
        Bush "cut terrorism funding from the FBI…"
        Bush "Should have read security briefing…"
        The security briefing "said Osama was planning to attack America by hijacking airplanes…"
        "A report like that might make some men jump…"
        "What was Bush thinking, 'I've been hanging around the wrong crowd…"
        "Which one of them screwed me…"
        "Was it my daddy who delivered a lot of weapons to Saddam…"
        "Was it the group of religious fundamentalists who visited my state when I was governor…"
        "Or was it the Saudis? Damn, it was them. I think I better blame it on Saddam."
        Moore shows Osama bin Laden himself flying out of the US during the flying ban imposed by the FAA.
        "Should have subpoenaed Bin Ladens…" and "FBI did nothing, not even standard police interrogation procedure…"
        Senator Byron Dorgan: "I think we ought to look into why the Bin Laden flights happened, it should be the subject of a significant investigation…"
        Moore still playing up the Bin Laden flights.
        "Letting the Bin Ladens go was like letting the McVeigh family leave the country after the Oklahoma City bombing…"
        "What do you think would have happened to Clinton…"
        Moore using his own whiny voice.
        Scene of Saudi official saying Osama thanked him for bringing US aid to Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation.
        Larry King asking that Osama MAY be responsible for the attacks…
        Scene jumps back to Bush in the 2nd grade classroom with Moore's infantile and shallow commentary…
        Moore showing himself giving a speech at the Democratic New Hampshire primary.
        "Bush a deserter" and "White House hopes of disproving the charge…"
        Moore then tries to equate suspension with desertion.
        Bush had many cross-outs in the copy of his service document he presented…
        Mr. Bath was the Bin Laden's Texas money manager…
        "Bush ran all his companies into the ground, yet still received Bin Laden money to bail him out."
        Bush receiving Bin Laden money…
        "Bush beat securities fraud rap with help, then appointed that help the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia…"
        "After that debacle"
        "Carlyle Group owned many weapons companies and other heavily government regulated industries, and the Bin Ladens stood to gain from the actions of Osama through defense investments."
        9/11 guaranteed the United Defense was going to have a very good year.
        Bush Sr. visited Saudi Arabia as ex. President.
        For military arms dealers…
        "Who's your daddy (the US or the Saudis)? Implying Bush Sr. would give the Saudi's more consideration than the US based on their relative sources of income...
        Moore shows Powell with the Saudis…
        "Bush has special relations with a regime that has human rights violations…
        "It will come back to haunt him…"
        Bush saying "It's important not to reveal how we collect information, that's what the enemy wants…"
        "Bush censors report…"
        Widow of 9/11 victim saying "it's important to know what happened…"
        Moore "Here we are at three important landmarks, the Watergate Hotel, the Saudi Embassy,…"
        "Saudis have $860 billion (6-7% of the US economy) invested in the US…"
        Security shows up and questions Moore about what he's doing there taking pictures… Moore says there are 6 secret servicemen assigned to Saudis…
        "Saudi money funded Al Qaeda…"
        Saudis reluctant to cooperate with investigators…
        "Obvious Al Qaeda attacked us…"
        "Bush didn't do much in Afghanistan, he only put 14,000 troops there…"
        Clarke: "Special Forces should have went directly after Osama right away…"
        "Afghanistan about oil…", "Taliban in Texas…", Karsai former advisor to Unical…"
        "Most of the Taliban and Osama got away…"
        "War president had a new target- the American people; "Where, how, there's nothing specific to report…"
        "Fear works" says Democrat. "For political gain", says Moore.
        Calls Bush "skillful and ugly".
        "No way anyone can live constantly on the edge like that…" (pertaining to Bush's alleged scare tactics)
        Moore shows crackpot anti-terror products and small-town terror concerns…
        Iraq "a nation that has never attacked the US…"
        "A nation that has never murdered a single American citizen…"
        Moore shows dead baby.
        Moore shows civilian deaths, implying US killed them wantonly through gung-ho interviews with US soldiers.
        Soldier's gung-ho interviews.
        "They" killed civilians.
        Moore uses Britney Spears as an example of only the vacant-minded as being supporters of Bush.
        Moore shows the Bush administration saying "Saddam not able to create new WMD's then shows them saying "He's got them…"
        "No real threat in Saddam…"
        Moore sets out to demean the coalition of the willing, showing tropical islands with no standing army, and WWII japs bicycling down village dirt roads.
        Concerning members of the coalition of the willing: "Afghanistan? Afghanistan had an army- Our army! That's one way to build a coalition- just keep invading countries…"
        Then Moore begins showing dissident soldiers- making the kind of statements cynical turntail liberals like to hear.
        Moore shows Bush's "bring 'em on!"
        Soldier "not easy in Iraq".
        "War not going as planned."
        "War not going as planned."
        Soldier: The army will have retention problems and recruiting will be down."
        "Bush will get replacements from places destroyed by the economy…"
        Moore interviewing black from his hometown, Flint, Michigan. "It looks like a war zone around here, just like Iraq!"
        Recruiters shown interviewing young whites.
        Recruiter: "Shaggy was a former marine." Black rap-wannabe's jaws drop.
        "Should use the military only as a last resort."
        Black "It would be nice go be able to go to college without dying in the process…"
        Moore shows US military vehicles driving around Iraq to the tune of Bing Crosby's Christmas music.
        Moore shows soldiers searching Iraqi house for combatant, ostensibly to portray them as some kind of arm of tyranny.
        Soldier "We're not winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqis…"
        Mother of soldier killed in Iraq visiting Washington, protestors there…
        "Immoral behavior breeds immoral behavior…"
        Then cuts to scene of Iraq war with comment "There goes Bush sending otherwise good kids to war…"
        "Sending kids to war based on a lie…"
        Soldier lamenting "Iraqis say 'go away, we don't want you here', then when they need help, 'Oh, why weren't you here?' which makes working in Iraq difficult…
        Disillusioned Soldier: "I will not go back to Iraq to kill poor people, especially when they posed no threat to me or my country…"
        Bush proposed cutting combat soldier's pay by 33%, assistance to their families by 60%, opposed $1 billion increase in health care benefits for vets, doubled prescription costs for vets, closed veteran's hospitals, opposed full benefits for part-time servicemen who were covered elsewhere, and dead serviceman docked 5 days pay on his last paycheck for being dead...
        Wounded Soldier: "I was a Republican, not any more. Republicans conduct business in a dishonorable way…"
        Moore cuts to Mother who's son was 'taken'…
        Soldier: "George got us out here for nothing" and "Don't re-elect that fool."
        "Fighting for what?"
        "Fighting for what", then Moore shows Halliburton corruption, some guy saying "was is always good for certain companies"…
        "If it wasn't for the oil, the US wouldn't be there…"
        Old lady "Iraqis will never be free."
        Outside Whitehouse, dark-skinned kid "Bush is a terrorist…"
        "Al Qaeda didn't make the decision to send my kid to Iraq…"
        Moore then shows himself getting congressmen to enlist their sons and daughters in the military to go over and fight in Iraq, since only one congressman has a son enlisted in the military.
        "The poor serve so we don't have to…"
        "The poor serve so we don't have to…"
        Moore then mentions poverty and ignorance in America.
        "Ruling group rules over own subjects to keep structure of society intact…"
        Bush "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…. (mind goes blank…)"