I have something to say about life in general so I'll say it in verse...

"God of Dough and Wires"

I am a God
With a transmutation gift-
Between dough and wires
I can instantaneously shift.

Given a preference
I choose dough as my form,
And only when needed
Into wire I transform.

Now there are times that arise
When, in my blissful doughy state
That the wiry come to tease
My form so ovate1.

My web is woven
For just such a catch
So on this wired kind
I can let loose my wrath!

When my wiry fiends attack
(Or should I say are ensnared?)-
Into the God of Wires!
I transform from this unlikely chair!

In fire! and flame! 
A monsterous threatening wired being
Arises in great ire
Against their wiry apings!2

As they scurry away
On their excited little toes3
Blissful peace returns
I lapse back into my dough.

So it goes back and forth
In the great rivers of time
To the end of all galaxies
-Here treated in rhyme.

This world is quite wired
And I sit here in glee
-I will demonstrate again
How Godly I be!

To the small wiry kids entertained
By the plump old guy- me!


1. ovate- having the form of an egg.
2. aping- that which apes do.
3. excited little toes- that which all those wiry little fiends
I mean kids have who are incessantly scurrying around me...