"How Light is Your Deepness?"

(A Poem to Make You Think)

Who are you in this point in time?

This point in time? This point in time?

On this should you expend your energy?

Can you separate fact from fantasy?

Do you remember the air you breathed

When you were five? When you were ten?

That was then and this is now.
No, this is now. No, this is now.

Are you breathing it again?

What was it like way back when,

Since this is now and that was then?

Why waste you time with more new Ďthenísí

When you can make it one long now!?!?

When you look up

In the cold night sky

Where are you in space and time?

What is your trajectory
As you sit there? No there? No, there?

You may think you know who you are,

Then who are you in a foreign bazaar

To the local denizens selling their wares?
Will they look at your shoes? Will the look at your hair?         

Or from a different vantage point

Not of this earth, what would you be?

A collection of cells, a spirit, a God,

Or a member of the genus gastropod?

Can we make a fortune on a gastropod?

How many grandparents are in your tree

Let's go back forty generations and see:

Over one trillion ninety billion

five hundred million and forty three!

So who did you say your nose is from

Or gives you your identity?
-And there arenít that many people in history

We had to share, know what that means?


Will this poem stick in your head?

Stick in your head? Stick in your head?

Will you read it again and again?

Again and again? Again and again?