I Like You Better Than My Eggs With Ketchup-
(A Varsity Love Poem)

You have more curves
Than a 1/4 mile track
I think of you
When I eat my Big Mac

You hurt less
Than my two bruised heels
Your hair is softer
Than a football field

Your have better stitches
Than a tennis racket
You're not as wrinkled
As my varsity jacket

You smell better
Than my running socks
You're not as yellow
As my football jocks

Your two eyes
Are like baseball diamonds
They inspire me
To all this rhyming

Your ears
Are like hockey pucks
Mine are golf balls
Guess I'm out of luck

I like you better
Than my eggs with ketchup
Or the cauliflower
My brother wretched up

So how about a date
To the homecoming dance
We'll play ping-pong in the moonlight
In our varsity romance

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