Nibbles of Digital Poetries:        


“Digital Ecstasy”,        

“The Digital Realm”,        

“The ‘Digital Desire’ Poetry Contest”,        

“The ‘Romance Erotica’ Poetry Contest”        




“Digital Ecstasy”


Though lovers we desire to be,

The barriers of electricity

That separate us

And yet connect us

Make that an impossibility.


We plunge over the edge

Of the electric waterfall

Unfulfilled passions floating away,

Our conscious flames burning

Hearts quivering, throbbing

Pulsing with a longing

That is digitally slayed.


Our palms touch

The digital screens

Struggling to connect and entwine,

Alas, we touch-

Only imaginatively.


We mingle harmoniously

In each other’s virtual arms

Then I explode in a halo of beauty,

Which was repressed and is now released

In a flood of tearful joy

Giving dazzling light to a dark day-

That’s me in my digital ecstasy.


In the digital realm, sure,

Our looks are not seen,

Our faces removed,

Yet our vanities drift away

In whispering thoughts of yearning.


Our hearts can mingle

With the other’s soul

In the other’s mind,

Though we’re in the flesh apart,

In the digital realm

In digital time

We can relate
We can combine.




“The Digital Realm”        


The person you are inside, indeed!

The person you are inside I see


Through my mind’s eye

And the digital screen.


What leading authority

Says the Internet isolates?

I laugh in their face!

I spit in their eye!

Isolates? Alas, Nay!

Surely not!

Not today!


A bit overweight?

A wart on your nose?

Six toes?

Who cares!

Here, that is not the ‘you’ I want to know!


We are here at once set free

To explore our being, our being inside,

Ignoring the outsies.

Photographs? Don’t need them.

Images? Toss them!

Voices? Split the asunder!

They are not we!

They are the imprisoning shells

That falsely classify and

Imprison us,

That give us illusions

And false identities.


We can dance in midair

We can waltz on a cloud

And not get blinded

By what we see

It will not impede

Our digital ecstasy
Here in the digital realm.




“The ‘Digital Desires’ Poetry Contest”        


Tired of feeling dark?

Tired of feeling suicidal?

Has you love been spurned lately?

Or thrown away? Discarded? Crushed? Trampled?

Tired of the same old heartless vapid in/out smut that has as much fulfillment as a bowl of Capt. Crunch?

Tired of the burden of being serious?

Tired of the abstract?

Tired of the angst?

Tired of the social ills?

Is there a constant disappointment bleeding out of your eyes?

Are you breathing your last breath in suffocating surroundings?

Is your happiness locked up and stored away?

Are you a work of art surrounded by vandals?

Are you a piece of fine china in a shop of raging bulls?

Are you knifed in the back by the petty and jealous?

Are you able to see but cannot speak?

Have you not found any other outlet for you passion and love?

Tired of all the pain?

Have your digital desires been Ctrl-Alt-Deleted?


Well, forget all that!

Do you have passion building up inside?

Swelling? Burning? Ready to burst out?

Do you desire to come as close to achieving a blinding,

Heart-pounding sensual climax

Through the sensual use of allusions and metaphors?

Want to collapse in complete exhaustion after a bout with sheer verbal ecstasy?


Here is you opportunity to

get passionate about love

The way it should be,

If only through digital desires.


All poems judged according to the first reading.




“The ‘Romantic Erotica’ Poetry Contest”        


No smut.

No foul words.

No unmentionables.

No loveless sex.

Doesn’t sink to pure erotica as in “I whipped out my ____ and banged her ____ deeply.”

Or abuse, as in “and then told my friends how stupid she was,
and they all laughed at the way she threw away her virtue for an brief illusion of popularity.”

No obvious descriptions like “I spread her ____ wide then ____ed her with my huge ____.”

More like “I spread her innocence wide and drank deeply, and planted my seed until I collapsed.”


Must arouse sensual passionate love

Rather than loveless animal urges.

Must leave it all to the imagination. Nothing explicit.


Two categories:

Pre-writes (old passion).

New Writes (fresh passion).


Romantic Erotica-

Sensual, promising allusions.


First Place: The spread of Blinding Ecstasy.