“I Drown My Sorrows”

 For me no new start

 I am broken once more

 My heart is frosting over

 And my tears are frozen

 Like my 128oz. slushy.

 Your voice rings

 Inside my lonely mind

 My dreams end

 I do not wish to wake to a world unkind-

 With french-fries that are mushy.

 There are demons behind my soul

 My wounds won’t heal

 Since I put my face into boiling water

 When I thought it was oatmeal.

 Oh boo-hooey me.

 I sit with a knife

 And realize

 I just like the pain

 And imagine my demise.

 That’s why I always super-size.

 My life is an empty shell

 I peer into its dark abyss

 I want to disappear

 But I always miss

 Like in the bathroom.

 I’m swallowed up in lies

 Deceived and betrayed

 You’ve put me in my grave

 I am so dismayed

 Here are my good-byes.

 But first let me drown my sorrows

 In this box of moonpies.

 Oh Sob Sob Poor Boo-Hooey Me.






Drawn from and with apologies to the following ultra-sad poems:


Frozen Tears
  by Shameless1


Crashing Down
  by chromegirl


another night in the life of me
  by suspiciousxlies


Cold Death
  by RyouYugiGlomper


  by HollowDarkness

  by CuttingDeep        

  by MyBrokenWings