(in reply to Paperdoll by papercutsagain)

The Letter: 'You Were Once All Of Me'        




Dear Other,        




Our eyes had always met in split seconds of time        


In mutual joy        


In mutual joy.        




I used to put your love first in word and rhyme       


When we were near        


We were near.        




Our hearts were once connected in body and mind        


And we would play        


We would play.        




We'd cut out paper dolls together and laugh all day

And laugh all day

Laugh all day.

Then life took a cruel turn that I could not foresee        


And I pushed you away        


Pushed you away.        




And when you came near  to me again to play      


Iíd turn away        


Turn away.        




Itís nothing that you did, or least of all said       


You were not to blame        


Not to blame.        




And now your heart goes cold when someone draws near      


I wonder why        


Then I remember-       




Iím the beast

Who pushed you away
So long ago       


Pushed you away.        




And Iím sorry for that, I'm sorry today

I'm sorry today        


sorry today.       




You were once all of me, now that has died

Now that has died

That has died.