“Rearward I March”


Rearward I march

Derelict in this desert

Surrendering to the disgrace

And shame of confusion.

To allay my decline

Or retrench or resign

To remove from my belly

This wandering illusion.


To sustain the remission,

Reservation, suppression,

Of the loathing, the horrifying

Sojourn in me;

With the enshrining gift

Of beggardly abjection-

Abandoned, discarded,

Withdrawn, rejected.


This lack and privation

Abstracted and lost

Ideally and complete

In supreme liberation;

Governed indelibly

With iron-bound irony

In barren, infertile

Sentiments of faith


Denuded, untested,




Pardon this discharge

Of caustic petulance,

Of sarcastic harshness,

This venomous rancor;

This abyss the scholar

Will hasten me from,

With inflection on gaining

A long tempered embrace

From your welcome.



This performance is yet enacted

In industrious ebullience

Reflecting on fountains

Of sensual persuasion

Positive, complete,

In subtle release,

Nevertheless yielding

To counterfeit engagements

Of vigorous, tangible,

Acute penetration.


How distressing to accommodate

This telling solicitation.



Forgive my imbibing

Devouring engrossment

While I refrain from moderation

And avoid self-restraint;

And pilfer our dreams

And muse their Obscene

In hidden, indefinite

Nonsensical fancies

Of largeness, opulence,

Riches, and wealth;

When lampooning the insulting

With misused perversions

And deceiving the reviling

Bulwark of Profane

Is the rule.



Sufficient to mention

By name this crass imitation

Of art’s application

And it’s clinging, sticking,

Glutinous fat

Of adjoining dependence

On lovers and friends.



The bitterness of this

You must realize

Is pungent and sharp

But is drawn to a climax

Of enlightened perception

With the temporary appearance

Of relatives and friends;

Endured by the mighty

Baptism of love

With eccentric abnormity

Born in the dwellings

Of suppressed obliteration

And subdued disintegration.



Beware the accursed abhorrence

To native failure-

Defiling, tormenting,

Cursed, evil;

Use this primeval

Futile, useless exuberance

Encircling the aforementioned

Transposer of friction

That is epitomized by the expansive void

Of craggy, broken, jagged

Candid tragic

Nonappearance’s elsewhere.



A significant audience

With the additional aspect

Of calamity modified by casual cheer

In the accustomed, familiar,

Habitual season

Of harmonization and pacification;

Revealing the appendage

Of the consummate skillful

Attainment of agreement


With repute and affection.


Armed with this importance,

Yet answerable to the aggregate

Collection of points

On one single spot

Of sourness.



I caution with counsel

The youth of the Father

To maintain an honor

With beauty and grace

To a ripe old age

Of deterioration.



Here I rein in

This scheming narration

In the flowering struggle

Of self-determination

And the inevitable march

In aimless directions-

Rearward at best,

Just one pointless indentation

In our nebulous lives.






rearranged stanzas


adds and modifies;


reorganized the stanza groups;


changed several of the poem’s

self-centric references

to ‘our’ and ‘us’,

creating more of a partnership

between author and reader.




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