ďStay in Your HoodĒ


Gangsters and imitators

I have some advice

You probably already figured it out

But Iíll echo it twice:

Since you know you are not welcome

Outside of your hood-

My advice is simple:

Stay in you hood.


Thought Iím not saying

Youíre welcome there either-


And certainly not in another gangís hood.


But leaving you own hood?

Go out to the Ďburbs?

Take a drive in the country?

At your own peril.


Nobody wants to be burdened

With such predatory behavior

Or the fatherless children
From those in the hood.


ĎI have a kid in every state'-

Iíve heard jokingly said

From gangster types

I've met from the hood.
Waggling their tongues
With mouths a lot larger

Then their unanswered minds
From liberals today.

Their lives consist of
A few points for drive-byís,

A few more for felonies,
For taking care of the underworld biz,

For street smarts and people smarts

Such skills they pursue,

(casualties of our liberal culture,
Let's give it its due)
And when they finally arrive
In their gang world only then
Do they begin to suspect

That they're stuck in their hood.
That they're in it for life
With they're act in the hood.

Usually a short life.

With no retirement
Or security
Or nurturing
For their dependents.

Some are made for the hood-
It's in their blood
(which will soon be spilled)
And have no other choice-
They were born to it,
They look the part
And it fits like a glove-
Usually the one
Cleaning the prison toilets.
Such victims are rare.
Most aren't and don't fit
But try anyway.
And that is truely utterly, completely,
Indubitably, unarguably, and most certainly tragic.
So one simple request to the real gangsters-
Turn the pretenders away from your path!
Save them from you,
From the hell in your hood.
Maybe your fate is sealed,
But theirs may not be.
It's probably the only good thing in this world you will ever do.
If not for you, do it for me
Since I'm showing concern here
For those in the hood.

So stay in the nightmares

That are contained in your hood-

I am concerned for your own safety, of course,
Care I should?
There are tree limbs and ropes
Cons and corporate games

That await your kind
If you wander astray
your hood

And act that way.

So if you value your neck
Your possessions your hide
Donít leave your hood.

Stay inside.

Now some lost liberals
From my side of the fence

Fall into your traps

Or imitate you like they have no sense
And they don't- 

Because their lives lack

The cheap mindless excitement

Found in your hood.

You may fool them

But donít let them fool you-
They are not the culture

You're at war with.
They are merely the confused

Throwing away their lives.

They'll become just like you
Wherever they go- burdens

When it come right down to it.



Make big bucks off your style

And parade you around

For the other fools 

And their clueless lives

That end before they begin
Trying to aspire to hang

With those in the hood.


But it is not my purpose here

To offer suppression

Repression condemnation
Punishment or death

To your wayward behavior,

Only to respond

With some obvious simple advice-

Since no oneís ever certain

If theyíre absolutely right-

But if you think this is you

If you want this to be you

Be prepared
To stay in your hood.


Youíll never be welcome

Anywhere that offers

A better life

Than that in the hood.

You may move down
But forget about up
Unless you magically transform

And get a degree

Or do three-piece suit work

Or work with a lab coat and miraculously be

Someone who actually contributes to mankind-

Maybe cures a disease
Or at least create some wealth

Are you a cure to a social disease?

Or the disease?

Your choice.

We can ponder that later.

For now letís assume youíre part of your hood- 
 fatherless child
With fatherless children
Who grow to fit the part like that glove
That cleans prison toilets

Who have no real choice-

Because their father
Was part of a hood-
Then stay in your hood,

Donít venture out

Your flash in the pan life

Will soon burn out.

Write your story
To warn us away.
But for the rest of your days
Better stay in your hood.

Youíve made yourself worthless

(Yes, nobody but you)

To most of the world

Outside of your hood-

Beyond your gang biz,

Beyond ruling your corner-

These skills are not needed

Outside of your hood.

You donít see the values
Of the rest of the world
Or the lives that exist
Outside of your hood.
Beyond the bounds
Of your terrible hood.


So my advice is simple-

Stay in your hood.

You donít belong here.

I donít belong there-

Unless weíre on business

That is legal and fair,

And makes us both rich
And takes care of your kids.


So if people seek out your hood
For cheap excitement

Let them beware.

That is their peril.
That is their darkness.

That is their foolishness.
That is your hood.
But for you it's your prison-
Stay in your hood.


A relatively new poem that is still long and rambling, and will get due refinement from a very tired wbiro     thank you goodnight.