"The Questionnaire"      

 My favorite singer is Tiny Tim            

 In his high falsetto,              

 His tiptoeing through the tulips                

 Stretched me views beyond the narrow.  


 My favorite food is crackers because                

 When I grasp them they always crumble,  

 Its like the dreams I cannot reach            

 And reminds me to be humble.          

 My favorite drink is water                        

 Because it's crystal clear,                      

 And when I'm looking through it          

 I can see the one I hold most dear.  

 My favorite color is the color pink    

 Though I'm a brawny guy-             

 And unless you want some unplanned pain  

 Don't give me a smart reply.                       

 The movie I can sit and see          

 Time and time and again            

 I haven't seen completely yet  

 So it will never end!          

 My favorite hour of the day          

 Is sunny 12 P.M.                                

 It's as far from the day's beginning  

 As it too is from the end.          

 The class I most dislike in school  

 Is second period history,          

 I love the past brought back to life  

 But the girl behind mes beastie.  

 The place I'd like to live today          

 Is with you on the moon,               

 We'd open a drive-through restaurant chain,  

 We'd be it's first tycoons!         

 The expression I keep repeating oft            

 Does make me pine and sigh and weep,  

 The words 'I Love You' leave my lips;      

 I brave them only in my sleep.               

 When I grow up and graduate          

 I'll engage in enterprise,          

 Any other course of course              

 Would be just plain unwise.

 If I could change a part of me  

 It'd be my tiny brain,                

 So I could think of larger things  

 On vast unknown planes.         

  I take my leave from this questionnaire  

  Giving every query its due,          

  I hope you know me better now,          

  And reading yours, I you.       

  And though I'm done with all of this   
  And just because I said it,         
  Come back tomorrow and read again-  
  I'm not done with the edit!      




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