2004 Presidential Debate- The Punches Bush Could Have Thrown
Topics: Foreign Policy and Homeland Security
The following is what was heard, not necessarily what was said:
Kerry: (what I heard): "I'm stronger and better."
(the missed punch: Yes, I drew from a 3rd grade debate team for a response to that, and this is what they came up with: (clears throat): "No, I'm stronger and better. Nya-Nya!")
Bush: (what I heard): "It's my duty to protect the American people. I am. My opponent would lose the fight against the ideology of hatred."
(punch factors: It's plain to see now that much of what Bush said was going to be lost on that portion of American voters who are airheads, points like "ideology of hatred' passing right through their vacuous skulls with little meaning, while Kerry and the Democrats make a direct juvenility (ref. 'stronger and better' above)
Kerry: (what I heard): "The President has left our alliances in shatters across the globe."
(the missed punch: "It is my opponent who sent his sister to Australia to break up the alliance. The fact is the few allies my opponent is bowing at the alter to have shown themselves not to be our allies in this fight. When it was time to step up to the plate and fight, the US found out who it's true allies were. Let me tell you also that those allies who did not step up did so under the spell of errant liberalism. Case in point: Liberals, and my opponent, still cling to their failed policy of economic sanctions. The body count tells us that such a policy should be the last resort, not the use of force."
(the punch cont.): Details: Liberals killed 500,000 children and harmed millions more in Iraq alone with their failed policies, while failing to achieve any of their objectives. In contrast the use of military force caused 1% of those casualties, and most of those as the result of enemy tactics. It is clear which policy should be the last resort based solely on the body count. Yet liberals parade around blindly claiming otherwise, spouting out their blind high platitudes without looking at the numbers, and affecting the better judgement of a handful of our decadent Western allies.This is the kind of despicable administration you will have under the current crop of Democrats, and this is only one failed policy Kerry wants the US to sink back into.This spin of the Democrats, like all their spin, does not stand up to the numbers, and is pure election deception.
Kerry: (what I heard): "I'm stronger, better, smarter. Iraq was wrong. Endorse me."
(the missed punch: it is the nature of wafflers to create excuses to do nothing, and that's all I've heard from liberals.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Colossal misjudgment."
(the missed punch: mindless election spin, and simply offering another excuse to run and hide.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "We should have continued inspections..."
(the missed punch: inspections were not dealing with the underlying cause of Militant Muslim Fundamentalism and it's Terrorist embodiment- that of the misgovernance of the Arab world. The US can chase Terrorists to the four corners of the earth and back and still not catch them all, and even if they are caught, more will spring out of the ground if the underlying causes are not dealt with. Also the only reason inspections resumed was due to the very expensive build-up of US forces on Saddam's doorstep, which by itself could have cost $87 billion and not accomplished much.)
Kerry (cont.) (what I heard): "Should have kept our troops home"
(the missed punch: good example of liberal pampering and misconception of how to defend the US, how to deal with a mortal enemy, and what kind of people the US military is made up of, soldiers, not babies. The mismanagement of Vietnam due to the loonie liberal left has skewed Kerry's perceptions.)
Kerry (cont.) (what I heard): "...and spent the money at home on health care and education."
(the missed punch: Socialist healthcare has failed in Europe, and this is the first of several failed policies Kerry and the Democrats mindlessly proposes the US reverts to. The US already spends billions on education, and 90% of it is wasted. Kerry's statement here makes an appeal to those with a welfare mentality, and is merely a cheap ploy to buy votes with free money. Kerry says 'spend it'; why not give it back to those who paid those taxes?)
(the punch, cont.: So the government can 'do good'? The Liberal definition of the government 'doing good' is to punish Good and Success and reward Deviance and Failure.)
Bush: (what I heard: Bush catching Kerry waffling on removing Saddam): Bush described how "the UN made empty 'serious consequences' threats while Saddam laughed and kicked their inspectors out." Bush then points out several things: "Saddam had no intent of disarming." "Kerry has a pre-Sept. 10th (Bush's error) mentality." "The US does have strong allies." "Iraq and the War on Terror is already a global effort." "The global War on Terror does not just have one focus, as Kerry is blindly implying." "The enemy hopes the US grows weary and leaves."  "The US cannot afford to send mixed signals." "When Iraq is free the US will be more, not less, secure."
(the punch- the US will get weary and leave very quickly under Kerry, before the peaceful Iraqis can resist all the wannabe tyrants and Mafia-like Sunni Mullahs. or be completely mismanaged.)
Kerry: (what I heard): (More apologetic excuses for not removing Saddam.) (the missed punch: all very good and valid points, but since everyone has heard all this before, no one was paying attention to Bush, in spite of the merits of the points. Lesson- don't say things that have been major-media'd like no one has heard them. Say it like everyone has heard it 100 times.)
Kerry: "You don't send kids to war without body armor."
(the missed punch: now here is Kerry and the Democrats in all his/their duplicity lying glory- pretending to take this position after he voted against the $87 billion to send the kids body armor!)
Bush: (what I heard): "Steadfast, not waffle."
(the missed punch: repeating himself, but OK so far, to drive a point home. Later Bush repeats himself too much.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "I'm steadfast, too! (nya-nya!)"
(the missed punch: Kerry resorting to a grade-school mentality, which appeals to his constituency.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Bush cut police and fire funding, reducing tunnel and bridge protection,"
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Not inspecting what enters our borders."
(the missed punch: more Liberal duplicity- that's the very thing they fight against in the Patriot Act).
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Bush won't secure Russian nuclear material for another 13 years. I will do it in 4 years."
(the missed punch: what do the Russians have to say about Kerry's boast?)
Bush: (what I heard): "I've Tripled Homeland Security budget, spent $3.1 billion for police."
(the punch- Bush may have cut police and fire in favor of more pressing security needs, I don't know, and I'm not going to trust Kerry and the deceitful Democrats. $3.1 billion is no drop in the bucket.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Best way to protect US is to stay on the offensive."
(the punch- a fact lost in the bag of Kerry promises. Kerry would rather defend against attacks here, which would then be inevitable.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "We have changed priorities as the need arises."
(the missed punch: countering Kerry's implying that Bush is inflexible and stubborn.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Didn't need tax cut."
(the missed punch: this says volumes about Democrat mentality, and someone could jump all over Kerry and the Democrats over that gaff. What does he mean "didn't need it"? Meaning American's don't "need" their money? That the government should just keep it if relieving Americans of heavy socialistic taxes is not "needed"? That the money is better left in the hands of the Democrats rather than put back into the economy? That the government doesn't really "need" the money either, that it just helps Democrats garner votes by allowing them to pass out free money? "Didn't need tax cut"? "Didn't need" it?
Kerry (cont.): (the punch, cont.: Unfortunately this Kerry revelation blew right past everyone, in all the post-debate pundancy no one mentioned it. The tax cut successfully addressed the economic issue, a multi-tasking skill required of a leader and a skill which my opponent apparently lacks.)
Bush: (what I heard): "We will bring troops home when the Iraqis step up and take responsibility." (the missed punch: I would have left Iraq to the Iraqis in the first place, backing off slowly as a post-Saddam system evolved that was non-tyrannical. As it is, the Iraqis are used to a passive, irresponsible socialistic system, and stepping up and taking responsibility is not in their experience, indeed, it was dangerous. One must understand that any Iraqi under the age of 50 has not experience an adult life other than that under Saddam.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Iraq is a vital mission."
(the missed punch: totally lost on liberals, this is too an adult-like statement. Liberals have probably already tuned Bush out, and will miss his follow-up reasoning.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "A free Iraq will be a valuable ally in the war on terror (by virtue of it's freedom- WB) and will be a beacon to reformers in the entire Middle East."
(the missed punch: again these excellent points are lost on the tunnelvisioned or self-serving liberals. Iraqis like to say 'why didn't you let us get rid of Saddam?', and the answer is time ran out on 9/11.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Our troops deserve better."
(the missed punch: Kerry, repeating his duplicity, says this again after he voted against the $87 billion to support them. Kerry knows liberals will ignore it and that most undecided voters are not catching it. In fact Kerry said he voted against it in protest to how the war was being conducted. This is a good example of the self-destructive nature of liberal thinking.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "There is no viable exit strategy."
(the missed punch: Bush gave a clear exit strategy- when Iraq can stand up to all would-be post-Saddam tyrants. Also, did the US have an exit strategy in WWI or WWII? No. But the fight was right, and the US entered it, in spite of the Liberals of the time.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Iraq is an occupation in a bitterly hostile population."
(the missed punch: this is pure liberal spin. There are polls showing Iraq favors what Bush is doing 60/30. "A bitterly hostile population" is purely false. It is this lack of regard for the truth that gives me such an aversion to the Democrats.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Troops need other allies helping."
(the missed punch: the US has all the willing troops possible helping already. Kerry thinks he can get current anti-US regimes like France, Germany, and Russia to send troops to Iraq by saying "Come help us in our Grand Diversion". This is merely one of Kerry's many Grand Illusions.
Kerry: (what I heard): "I was in Vietnam."
(the missed punch: Kerry lost that playing card the day he threw his medals out the window as far as I'm concerned. Also, Kerry tried to get out of it, so it's not like he had a choice. Further, he picked the Navy, much farther removed from the fighting than the Army, and last, he did all he could for a quick exit, which he achieved. Under fire, he did what he had to, some say he had heroic moments, others argue that. I'll say he did, since everyone does.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Give Iraq back to the tyrants."
(the missed punch: these weren't his words, but is was his meaning. Nothing could hurt the war on Terror more.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Our troops are dying for a mistake."
(the missed punch: Iraq is no mistake. Kerry is spouting what amounts to irresponsible election spin. Liberals will say anything, however wrong and irresponsible, to win.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Bush said he would plan carefully and proceed cautiously, invite the UN, and proceed with allies. He did none of that."
(the missed punch: Bogus arguments, all. By "plan carefully and proceed cautiously" Kerry means "sit back and do nothing or very little". As for inviting the UN and proceeding with allies, Bush did both. As for allies, Kerry is referring to France, Germany, and Russia, who are not 'allies' on all matters, and especially those that do not directly involve their direct self-serving interests. They are only 'allies' with the US when their countries are under direct attack and they are asking the US for help, or when they want something from the US. )
Lastly, the US's true allies in fighting the underlying cause of international terrorism did step up. It's unfortunate Liberals cannot see the greater picture, and insist on chasing existing terrorists endlessly around in circles while doing nothing about the root of the problem.)
Kerry (cont.): (the punch, cont.): This is also a good example of Kerry giving more consideration to the un-helping Euro-ally regimes than to the needs of the United States.
Bush: (what I heard): "Kerry denigrates contributors to Iraq, and his plan for getting anti-US allies to join in Iraq is "Come join us in Iraq for a Grand Diversion"? "Kerry says 'wrong war, wrong place, wrong time', new allies won't join Kerry because his core convictions keep changing because of politics at home."
(the missed punch: what people didn't get is that Bush's convictions won't change due to the political wind, a wind which is corrupt and self-serving at best. This is a Bush highlight of the debate, pointing out Kerry's Grand Illusion over allies and Iraq.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Only three nations joined the coalition."
(the missed punch: this statement falls in line with the exaggerations and deceptions common to the Democratic Party. "I would hold summits." (the missed punch: by "summits" Kerry means he does not have a handle on the situation, and he means by "summits" sitting around and refraining from taking any useful action.)
Bush: (what I heard): "Sorry, there are over 30 nations." "Kerry calls them the coerced and the bribed."
(the missed punch: Kerry says this because that is the Democrat way, and they know no other.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): Bush goes on to explain his miscalculation in Iraq on the problems of rehabilitating Iraq with Saddam loyalists, terrorists, and other would-be tyrants still running around in Iraq, an unnecessary apology in my view. Sure I proposed a different approach, but any plan will have it's shortcomings.
Kerry: (what I heard): "What troubles this country is there were no WMD's and no imminent threat." (the missed punch: That's not what Kerry was saying at the time. Also Kerry's statements are more liberal excuses for inaction, for chasing individual terrorists around, and for not addressing the root cause of terrorism in our time.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "The coalition is puny, the US is taking 90% of the casualties and costs."
(the missed punch: Bogus argument, because all nations are puny in relation to the US in terms of wealth. Further, it was the US that was attacked, it is the US's war, and it's only right the US takes the actions necessary, and it is thankful for their allies contributions, whatever it may be. Here Bush could have said 'I would take my 100 Mongolians over 10,000 of today's liberals.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I won't allow countries to acquire nuclear weapons."
(the missed punch: pure hyperbole, he can't back that statement up considering the weak foreign policies of his liberal predecessors.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Bush rushed to war."
(the missed punch: this has been argued to the  contraire many times- i.e. that Desert Storm should have been resumed years ago when Saddam first thumbed his nose up at the cease-fire agreement. Also the liberal's definition of the war on global terror is chasing around individual terrorist rather than attacking the root causes. As for root causes, who better to start with than Saddam? The liberals like to argue why the US didn't attack Saudi Arabia, Iran, or N. Korea instead. Saddam was the best choice, and if Iraq can be free of tyrants, it need be the only choice, a fact liberals are blind to.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I've been working with those leaders longer than the President." (the missed punch: yet another bogus Kerry claim, since the current anti-US European leaders were only recently elected. Further, it shows Kerry fancies anti-US regimes for some twisted 60's reason.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Osama uses Iraq to hate the US."
(the missed punch: First, here is a typical leftwing nut assuming Osama is still alive, though Osama hasn't been seen since the US went after Al Qaeda and their Taliban sponsors in Afghanistan. Second, Osama and his cohorts have been stirring up anti-US hate long before the US responded to 9/11.)
Bush: (what I heard): "That is ludicrous. Kerry is using Osama as a gauge in determining how the US defends itself."
(the missed punch: Bush slightly missed the mark here. Kerry didn't imply he wanted to make Osama happy, though I have my doubts, but Kerry did imply that Osama has nothing else that he's based his hate for the US over, which IS ludicrous.
Kerry: (what I heard): More armchair criticism. "More diplomacy."
(the missed punch: Kerry is forgetting that the only reason Saddam did anything conciliatory was due to the large US military build-up on his border. As soon as the US left, what do you think Saddam was going to do again? That's right, kick the inspectors out before they actually found something, and go right back to violating the Desert Storm cease-fire agreement.)
Bush: (what I heard): "Duty to future generations."
(the missed punch: the liberals want to pass this real problem off on a future generation, while pursuing unproven and abstract issues like global warming and fossil fuel depletion.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Every life is precious."
(the missed punch: the US military has acted accordingly. The liberals however take it to the extreme by refusing to engage in mortal combat with an aggressor like terrorists and their  allies like Saddam.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Iraqis are desperate for freedom."
(the missed punch: should have said 'most' Iraqis, because there are still many would-be Iraqi tyrants waiting for the US to leave.
Kerry: (what I heard): "Lose people in combat in Vietnam." "Can't confuse war with warriors."
(the missed punch: First, Kerry did not lose any people in combat. Second, Kerry's statement typifies the defeatist and cynical views of the do-nothing poor-aiming Left. Rather than deal with tyrants directly, punish their victims with sanctions. Rather than fight tyrant armies, run away and hold summits, and assume an all-volunteer military has no warriors in it, and only babies. This is not the draft-oriented military Kerry experienced in Vietnam).
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "With Bush, you'll get more of the same."
(the missed punch: Bush could have jumped on this one, the liberals assume this is a bad thing, that is their election mantra, and Kerry mindlessly spouts it out.)
Bush: (what I heard): "Iraq is an essential part of the war on terror."
(the missed punch: True, but Bush is repeating himself.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Powell said 'you break it, you fix it." "The soldiers know it's not being done right."
(the missed punch: Break Iraq? Preposterous. Just what on earth did the US break in Iraq that needs fixing. The only thing I see broken in Iraq is the objectivity of Kerry's liberal mainstream media buddies. Iraq was already broken, with much help from liberals. 'The soldiers know it's not being done right?' False, and mere armchair criticism. Any Kerry plan will be full of defects in itself. Why trade one uncertainty for another more probable worse one? Why run from the fight?)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I would have a timeline."
(the missed punch: and if things aren't going as planned, then what? Leave Iraq to the tyrants waiting for the US to leave?)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I didn't say I would bring our troops out in 6 months, I said 'if'".
(the missed punch: "If". Duplicity. What just happened to your timeline? Also we heard 'if' from Kerry many times before, like when he responded to the question 'was Iraq the right thing to do?" Kerry responded "That depends on the outcome." That is not a statement of a leader, and defines Kerry's entire wishy-washy political career as a Senator.
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "We need to assure the Arab people we have no long-term designs on Iraq. I will make a flat statement: The United States of America has no long-term designs on staying in Iraq."
(the missed punch: There Kerry goes again, assuming the world will believe him because he's John F. Kerry. This is also a good example of Kerry's tendency to defer to the misperceived perceptions of ignorant foreign masses and doing the wrong thing. This is a good example of Kerry placing more weight on what foreigners think that what is vital for the US and freedom in the world in general. Further, of course the US has long-term interests in Iraq- that of freedom from tyranny rather than oil.
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I will rapidly train Iraqis."
(the missed punch: and abandon them to the tyrants and anarchists waiting in the wings, and as if training could be done rapidly.)
Bush: (what I heard): "There is a determined enemy in Iraq. Kerry will change the dynamics on the ground."
(the missed punch: Kerry doesn't know what the dynamics on the ground are, this is just mindless election rhetoric akin to 'I will change things'.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Kerry calls the Iraqi leader a 'puppet'."
(the missed punch: this is a good example of Kerry's propensity to spout out enemy propaganda, as after Vietnam.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "We believe, unlike our liberal friends, that a vast majority of Iraqis want to be free, and that they can be free." (the missed punch: I have heard liberals say cynically and defeatedly that Iraqis or Muslims can't be free. In fact, the only Muslims who aren't free are the Arabs and Persians, so it is a localized problem.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Sure, Iraqis want to be free."
(the missed punch: so far Kerry has given absolutely no regard to this, rather he puts more weight on perceptions of foreign enemies and winning fringe anti-war votes.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I can do better."
(the missed punch: wishful thinking.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "There are terrorists pouring over the border into Iraq."
(the missed punch: that is a good thing, in terms of the US not having to go after them in the other Arab countries, which is what the US would otherwise have to do after Iraq.)
A Bush Could-Have-Said: In response to question "Would you take us into another preemptive action?": (the missed Punch: First, If Iraq becomes a free nation, it's success will preclude the need for any other preemptive actions. The US will have demonstrated that it is the good guy. Kerry and the Democrats only wish the US ill in this matter, because their campaign is based on defeatism and cynicism. Second, what you are asking is "will I wait until more Americans are killed on US soil before I act again?" The answer is no. There are many preemptive actions the US could and should be taking right now, and it would be perfectly justified in doing so. Am I taking them? No. Why? one, to give Iraq a chance to ignite a movement toward freedom in the Arab/Persian world, and two, in deference to my liberal friends.)
Bush: (what I heard): "The enemy attacked us. It is my duty to protect the American people. The US has to show it is always willing to use troops."
(the missed punch: some repetitiveness here.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Saddam was hoping the world would turn a blind eye on him. If he were not removed, today he would be stronger, tougher, and we would have rued the day." Removing Saddam also had positive effects through the tyrant world. Take Libya, it is cooperating now because it knows the US will use force."
(the missed punch: Bush could have added 'the US must speak the language of tyrants, that of force. That is a language my opponent unfortunately has a terminal aversion to.')
Kerry: (what I heard): "Bush said 'enemy attacked us'. Saddam didn't attack us"
(the missed punch: more blind apologetics for Saddam. He had every intention of eventually aiding US terrorists whenever and wherever he could.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Bush let Osama go- instead of using US troops at Tora Bora he outsourced the job to Afghan warlords…"
(the missed punch: Nice try for Kerry trying to weave in an economic jab. First more Kerry duplicity- first he wants our troops out of harm's way in Iraq, then he's complaining they weren't put into harm's way in Afghanistan. Second, the Afghans knew the mountains better than the US troops, and there were many more Afghan allies present than US troops. Third, the US liberal media was zooming in on every US casualty in an anti-military effort even then, so why should Bush unnecessarily place US troops in harm's way? )
Fourth, the US was aiding the Afghan rebels, they had just as big a stake in getting rid of Al Qaeda and their Taliban host. And fifth, Bush was not micro-managing the Afghan theater like a liberal would have, or like Johnson/McNamara did calamitously during Vietnam. The generals on the ground made those decisions.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Saddam was not getting stronger. Bush should not have done anything about Saddam, and should have let the inspectors continue."
(the missed punch: a good example of a liberal in denial, or merely practicing Clintonian lying.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "There are 35-40 countries that have more nuclear technology than Saddam. I'd have made a better choice."
(the missed punch: like attacking who- Great Britain? Bogus argument. All but three of those countries are US allies. China? Kerry would have attacked China? N. Korea? Far removed from the Arab world. Iran? Not with Saddam running loose under liberal noses. Saddam was the logical next move for many reasons.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "The President has the right to a preemptive strike."
(the missed punch: More duplicity. Kerry here gives justification to Bush's actions, contrary to the Democratic platform.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "The use of preemptive action should pass the global test."
(the missed punch: More of Kerry being more concerned with what anti-American foreigners want than what is vital to the US and freedom around the world.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "It was once said 'the word of the US president is good enough for me."
(the missed punch: Kerry is implying that the world does not trust Bush. Maybe not the few anti-American countries in his liberal circle, and only due to their own ulterior political motives, but Bush has a significant coalition, one that could defeat Kerry's non-coalition members Kerry is so enamored with. Second, the world has less of a reason to trust Kerry, giving his and his party's complete lack of regard for truth.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Iran and North Korea are more dangerous."
(the missed punch: Armchair criticism with the benefit of hindsight. Also they are dangerous today because of liberalism in the past. As to being more dangerous in regards to terrorists, I disagree; and Iran and North Korea were not in violation of a cease-fire agreement at the time.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "You do not help yourself with other countries when you turned away from the Kyoto treaty. The US has a lot of earning back to do."
(the missed punch: this says volumes about Kerry's bowing at the alters of anti-US allies, and worrying more about perceptions of the US than the US itself. Is it not the US who hands out large sums of money every year in foreign aid? It is Kerry's 'other countries' who should be endearing themselves to the US. As for Kerry's 'other countries', who are they? Those with anti-American bias? Certainly not those who've joined the coalition. As for the Kyoto treaty, it was anti-US biased, the US had every reason to reject it, much to the chagrin of self-destructive liberals. Kerry's idea of helping the US is to lick the boots of certain decadent foreigners.)
Bush: (what I heard): "I wouldn't join the I.C.C. for example because it would allow unaccountable foreign judges to put US troops on trial."
(the missed punch: and with foreigners, one cannot take 'unaccountable' lightly, considering the corruption and barbarism that still runs rampant outside US borders. Bush could have added 'trying to be popular with the wrong crowd is not good for the US.')
Bush: (what I heard): Bush stands by not holding bilateral talks with Kim Jung Il. Better to have several nations pressuring him.
(the missed punch: Bilateralism is a failed policy of Clinton's. The North Koreans did not honor it, and took advantage of Clinton's trust to build up his nuclear capabilities. This is another failed policy Kerry is proposing the US revert back to.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "The US should have offered nuclear technology to Iran." (the missed punch: goes in line with Kerry's siding with the wrong crowd.)
Bush or Kerry lying: Kerry: "N. Korea developed their nuclear capability on Bush's watch, US did not initiate dealing with Iran"; Bush: "N. Korea was developing their nuclear technology on Clinton's watch, a technology Clinton gave to the N. Koreans, and the US was in on the initiating dealing with Iran's Mullahs who have nuclear ambitions."
(the missed punch: one of the two is deceiving us here, and I'm betting it's Kerry, who would have us believe N. Korea used the excuse of Bush's 'axis of evil' statement to reveal what he'd been doing all along and long before, and was just waiting for any flimsy excuse to begin working on nuclear weapons. Conclusion: Kerry was less truthful here.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "I want both multilateral talks and bilateral talks with N. Korea."
(the missed punch: typical duplicity. It's plain to see both won't work at the same time.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "We should place sanctions on Iran."
(the missed punch: there Kerry goes again wanting the US to revert back to failed policies. Sanctions on Iraq killed 500,000 children in Iraq (compare with the several hundred due to military action, and those due to Saddam supporters and insurgents), and did nothing to curb Saddam. Leave it to a liberal to want to resort to such a murderous and ineffective method merely out of a misunderstanding and pathological ignorant fear of the military. There are also already sanctions on Iran.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "We should put together sanctions on Iran." Then, "We are the only ones with sanctions on Iran, (implying thanks to Bush- WB), then Bush corrects him by pointing out Clinton put the sanctions on Iran. (the missed punch: good example of Kerry's wishwashyness. First the US didn't have sanctions on Iran, then it did, but was screwed up due to Bush, then it turn out Clinton put the sanctions on Iran without 'working with the British, French, and Germans' as Kerry accused Bush of doing.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "He's going to send troops to Sudan, and increase our military."
(the missed punch: more doubletalk. His party is anti-war, anti-military, and that is what he is going to pursue unilaterally, much to the delight of terrorists and other US belligerents.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "US troops overextended, reserves pulling double-duty, troops in a stop-loss situation, 9 out of 10 divisions involved in Iraq in one way or another…"
(the missed punch: sounds like a Bush mess, but Kerry exaggerates and decieves, so I'm not taking his word for it. That rates independent study.)
Bush: (what I heard): The US is the leading doner of aid to Sudan, negotiators are in, and the US is working with the African Union.
Bush: In response to the 'Kerry character' question: "He changes positions on fundamental issues and sends mixed messages."
(the missed punch: Woah! Here is where Bush was way too nice, and failed to throw many punches, even the knockout blow. Here is what Bush could have said: 'Concerning my opponent's character, I would like to know what was going through his mind as he sat in front of the Senate back in the 70's and spewed out false communist propaganda and then visited Hanoi. Now let me answer my own question, because I know the answer. He was trying to be popular with the wrong crowd. Now he could be forgiven for this since it occurred over 30 years ago in different times, but unfortunately he has today given us amply evidence that he has not changed and is still encumbered by the same deficiencies. Today he spews out terrorist propaganda, and is still trying to be popular with the wrong crowd.')
Kerry: (what I heard): "Bush is certain and wrong. Bush does not change with new facts, not acknowledging facts, such as on the issues of global warming and stem cell research." (the missed punch: Bush may be stubborn, but Kerry on the other hand blows wildly in the wind and makes conflicting promises he can't possible keep.)
Bush: (what I heard): "I am flexible. Our commanders on the ground in Iraq have all the flexibility they need to succeed."
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "I will not change my core values because of politics or pressure, I will not wilt under pressure."
(the missed punch: Kerry can't claim the same.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "I've never wilted or wavered in my life." Then "My position is consistent, Saddam Hussein is a threat…"
(the missed punch: very brave of Kerry to say this now that Saddam is history! Further, this is simple double talk after he said, just a few arguments ago, that 'Saddam posed no imminent threat.')
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "We needed to go to the UN before removing Saddam."
(the missed punch: Bush did go to the UN. Further, this reveals Kerry's inability do take action on his own, especially in the face of interlational unpopularity, which by the way is fickle to begin with.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I'm going to shut the bunker-busting nuclear weapons program down."
(the missed punch: typical naïve liberal unilateral dearmament in the face of world tyrannies.)
Bush: (what I heard): "I've increased funding for dealing with nuclear proliferation by 35%, as part of the multi-pronged effort in the war on terror", "My administration started the Proliferation Security Initiative, involving 60 countries."
(the missed punch: sounds like Bush is on top of things here, but it looks like it only a matter of time before a terrorist gets his hands on nuclear material no matter what. The pressure on terrorist mentality has to be applied now, the US should take the Arab media to task for anti-American violence-inducing untruthfulness, and Kerry and the Democrats want to leave it to another generation.)
Bush (cont.): (what I heard): "Missile defense is important."
(the missed punch, I've heard liberal redicule of this many times in a post-cold war era Bush will have to do more explaining here. Of course there's communist China with ICBM's (thanks to Clinton I hear) and N. Korea with nukes (again thanks to Clinton).)
Kerry: (what I heard): "North Korea and Iran are moving toward nuclear weapons."
(the missed punch: and the liberals derided Bush's including them in his 'axis of evil'. How duplicit can Kerry get? This only bolsters Bush's axis of evil analogy.)
Bush: (what I heard): On bilateral talks with N. Korea: "N. Korea will be happy to walk away from bilateral talks with the US."
(the missed punch: only too true, considering their actions in the past, N. Vietnam's actions during the Vietnam war, and Saddam's actions.)
Bush: (what I heard): On Putin: "Changing democratic process not good, I told him so, that maybe he doesn't believe in checks and balances. Russia is a country in transition. Putin must be reminded of the benefits of democracy in allowing people to realize their hopes, aspirations, and dreams."
(the missed punch: You'll never hear such lofty thoughts from Kerry or the Democrats.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "I was there in Russia."
(the missed punch: More Kerry Pomposity. Like 'I was in Vietnam'.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I regret what has happened there in the last few weeks. Putin now controls all the television stations, and his political opponents are being put in jail."
(the missed punch: Kerry goes on, but does not offer any direction the US should take, just more duplicity, as in 'we need a working relationship', just the kind of 'support for tyrants' that the liberals rewrite history over and condemn the US for in it's recent cold war tactics. As for the information that Putin owns all the televisions stations and is putting opponents in jail, this is where liberals shine- revealing deficiencies. Too bad they feel the need to contrive so many with Bush.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "Bush said he could fight the Iraq war on the cheap."
(the missed punch: well, what does Kerry want after he voted against the $87 billion? And further, the only reason inspectors were in Iraq again was due to the military build-up on Saddam's doorstep. What would that have cost the US while achieving nothing? More Kerry duplicity. Further, Bush could have fought the war on the cheap, if US liberals weren't constantly encouraging the enemy there with incessent (and distorted) negative reporting. Finally, liberals like to accuse Bush of war profiteering, then they turn around and accuse him of trying to prosecute the war on the cheap? More duplicities out of the Democratic Party.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "Bush said he'd build a coalition, that he'd go to the UN, and use military force as a last resort. He didn't."
(the missed punch: Good example of the liberal aversion to the use of military force, when killing 500,000 more Iraqi children and harming millions more with failed sanctions would have sufficed, while leaving Iraq under Saddam's tyranny, and then allowing Iraq to become a true sick and twisted state under his sons. Good example of why Kerry and company are called 'weenie liberals'.)
Kerry: (what I heard): "We have different convictions in how to keep America strong and remain respected in the world."
(the missed punch: Kerry's definition of remaining respected and strong is to grovel at the feet of the US's anti-American allies, when the exact opposite is true- America needs to learn how to use the overwhelming strength it already has to keep peace and prosperity from being spoiled by existing and would-be tyrants.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I was in Vietnam."
(the missed punch: Kerry still has no right to use this after throwing his medals out the window and spewing out enemy propaganda.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I have a plan for Iraq."
(the missed punch: Sure he does, just like Tricky Dicky Nixon's secret plan for Vietnam, which didn't exist, but it helped him get elected! Further, Kerry is like the anti-US European allies- their stance with the US will depend on the outcome, just as Kerry stated his position on the Iraq war is based on it's outcome. How politically convenient, but morally weak. Further, our weak non-participating European allies will even try to steal the credit for transforming the Middle East from a poverty-ridden cesspool of tryannies to a free and prosperous region; and Bush can say "If they steal the paragraph in future history books it should not bother any true American, who's only concern is that the job is well done.")
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "I defended this country as a young man at war, and will defend it as President."
(the missed punch: since he was so morally weak as to partake in atrocities in Vietnam (which I don't believe, him being on a swiftboat and not in villages), we can expect him to be morally weak and go along with those committing atrocities as President.)
Kerry (cont.): (what I heard): "We need to build strong alliances."
(the missed punch: what Kerry doesn't realize is that means giving self-centered posturing regimes more than their fair share at the expense of our true allies.)
Post Debate Pundits: ABC: Kerry worshipping. MSNBC: Bush bashing. Fox: Bowing under liberal wishful thinking, said 'Kerry did good'. CBS: Airing purely partisan Democrats like Biden. NBC: Bush evasive, cheerleading for Kerry. CNN: Kerry cheerleading and wishful thinking.
Post Debate Pundits: "Bush was fuming."
(the missed punch: He had every reason to be, with the false election rhetoric eminating from the Left, and the Left's lack of vision.)
My Conclusion: Kerry did terrible. The liberal media reports it's wishful thinking to the otherwise, hoping that viewers will somehow believe them. Bush could have knocked Kerry out many times but didn't. Bush let himself get wobbled by several of Kerry's limp-wristed jabs. With the mainstream media reporting their liberal 'field of dream' tactics, viewers will be brainwashed into thinking Kerry did well.
My Conclusion: Electing the current crop of liberals would be like giving the nation a lethal injection of cynicism and distortions, and would be like attaching a parasite to the national economy, and putting whiny babies in the White House. On foreign policy, you don't think Kerry's penchant for duplicity is lost on foreign leaders, do you?