“The Rose of Life”


              The rose of life
              Its petals fall
              The thorns they prick
              The fragrant air
              Surround me now
              In a floral array
              Of colors
              That speak of love.

       The sea of love
       Engulf me now
       Unfurl my sails
       And sail me over
       Oceans of tears and
       Waves of pain
       To everlasting joy.

                     The prism of joy
                     With feelings mixed
                     Break apart
                     And fly away
                     Through windows of thought
                     And flame of heart
                     And then return
                     Mixed again.

   Our foundation is strong

   Upon it we grow

   The trees of time

   That fruit and flower

   Through prisms of joy

   With roses of love

   On seas of life

   Under whispering skies.