“To The Aid of the Damned”


Ill-tempered and morose,

A jostled non-entity


By the gallant band of nobodies,


By a ring of fraternity,

The torturous region of space

Propagated by turning, winding

Boundaries of the attentive assemblage

Who vigilantly guard

The surrounding limits of his circumstance

And check his efforts

To circumvent such inhabitants of affable society,

Easy, gracious,

Polite and refined,

A humanity cultivated and educated,

Their clamor hidden

In stealthy cheer,

Rattling and jarring their prisoner

Into embracing

The masterly counterfeit lifestyle

In a bona-fide farewell

To disapproval

And embarking on a road

To great prosperity

And ornate gifts

Brilliant in color

Yet radiant in despair;


The brutish rustic

Still agitated and jarred

And scarred by the gallant hosts

That bind him,

He succumbs and takes the blows

In a purifying way-

Allowing the clash of wills

To completely cleanse

His moral rifts,

Allowing their leniency

To beget a kind-hearted,

Cloudless, fair, serene,

Unmistakably sunny

Manifestation of flawless tenderness,

Easily discerned

From the crag in the cliff

At the summit

Of the clenched rejection

Of the veiled brotherhood

In a strict and ringing termination,

Finally clearing the dense overcast moods

And other stifling vestments

Of his dismal burdens,

And with a last bludgeon of merriment

He realized that

Traveling to the beat

Of a different drummer

Requires the patronage and sacrifice

Of the straight and narrow.





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