Liberal Election Propaganda: "The Shiites want a Theocracy."      
Contrary Results from several polls:  
  US Model Saudi Model Iran (Theocracy), Syria (Baathist), Egypt (Moderate Islamic) Models Combined
Model of Government- Iraq Total: 37% 28% 35%
  US Iran  
Model of Government- Shiites: 6x 1x  
  British/American Moderate Islamic Theocracy
Model of Government Choices: 36% 26% 6%
  Against For  
No to Islamic Government- Shiites: 66% 27%  
No to Islamic Government- Iran Total: 60% 30%  
Not afraid of Democracy: 50%  
(age group 18-29 and women more positive about democracy)      
Liberal Election Propaganda: "Iraq is deeply religions."      
Contrary Results from several polls:  
Secular- Those who've never set foot in a Mosque: 43%    
Liberal Election Propaganda: "Shiites are the barbarians."      
Contrary Results from working with Iraqis:  
Most Backwards: Sunni Muslims    
Liberal Election Propaganda: "Iraqis still support terrorists."      
Contrary Results from several polls:  
Al Qaeda/Bin Laden Romance: 20%  
(highest in Sunni Triangle)  
  Unacceptable Acceptable  
Insurgent Attacks against Coalition forces: 78% 17%  
Liberal Election Propaganda: Baath Party will make a comeback.:      
Contrary Results from several polls: Yes No  
Anti-Baathist: punish henchmen: 74% 18%  
(note: Syria is still Baathist, which hails from Hitler's Nazi regime and Stalin's communist regime of WWII)      
Liberal Election Propaganda: "Iraqis were better off under Saddam."      
Contrary Results from several polls: Before Saddam At Saddam's End  
Per-capital income 1x 1/10x  
Ousting Saddam worth hardship: 62%  
Delighted Saddam caught: 60%  
 Question: Better before or after Saddam: Better Worse  
Crime protection 50% 21%  
Medical Care: 44% 16%  
Jobs: 39% 25%  
Liberal Election Propaganda: "Iraqis are despondent."      
Contrary Results from several polls: Yes No  
Think Iraq will be better off in 5 years: 67% 8%  
Life good at present: 70% 29%  
Liberal Election Propaganda: "Iraqis hate the US forces."      
Contrary Results from several polls: Good Bad  
How US troops behave: 58% 29%  
(this in spite of the deluge of anti-US media)  
How long US should stay:  
One or two years: 59%  
For a  while: 72%  
Less safe if US left: 71%  
Example of anti-US rumors the US has to contend with:  
Iraq: Jalal Abbas, 20, a student in Baghdad, says it's widely believed "that when soldiers search houses, they steal gold and money."  
Example of Liberal Election Propaganda's Effect:      
Results from several polls: Help Hurt  
US help or hurt Iraq over next 5 years: 36% 50%  
Conclusion: on the average 2/3 of Iraqis justify Bush's reports of progress, while liberals try to pass off the 1/3 discontented as the majority when they spew out their anti-Bush election propaganda, and with their anti-US bad-news biased media coverage ala Al-Jazeera.      
Source: Book, "Dawn Over Baghdad" by Karl Zinsmeister of the American Enterprise Institute.  
Note how it is not a poll from a blindly anti-Bush source  
like a major liberal media,  
or the American Welfare Institute ("gimme da money")  
or the American Socialist Institute ("free money, everyone!)