A Mixed-Up Liberal in Kansas- A response to the liberal book "What's The Matter With Kansas?"
The Book’s Main Theme: People voting Republican against their economic and political interests.
A Clear Response: That the main theme's phenomenon exists there is no doubt, I see ample evidence of people voting Democrat in such a way, seeing successful middle class people voting Democrat, for a party that hold none of their values, and that has one goal- to separate them from their hard-earned worldly positions in order to buy votes from what they believe are the more numerous deadbeat masses. In fact more numerous are the enterprising Americans voting Democrat (the fact is most people vote for the better man, explaining the Reagan landslides) in a naïve belief they are helping others. Let’s put it this way, why do Mexicans cross the border, and why do people immigrate to America: for the Welfare of the Democrats, or for the enterprise valued by the Republicans? Answer: The latter. This is why immigrants often surpass their American Democrat Party-dependent counterparts.
The Author Attacks Success: The socially backwards author derides those who value enterprise and 'fratboys, lawyers, and CEO's", as if they all were born to wealth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The main delusion of the author is his claim that ‘people are deluded by the right’. This derision of the author is a good example of the sick and twisted path the present crop of liberal's misapplied, misaimed, over-generalized, and erroneous cynicism has taken. To this liberally brainwashed author, success is bad.
Another Liberal Delusion: Another example is the L.A. (Saddam) Time's review comment on the inside cover: "Conservatism was once a mark of class privilege." There is no class privilege in America. Liberals mistake being able to afford enterprising services as 'privilege'.
The Book Cover Art: The book cover depicts a Republican elephant standing on the back of a Democrat donkey. The cover should more correctly shoe the liberal, decadent donkey, now a jackass, standing on the back of the enterprising, successful Republican elephant who is doing all the important work and is driving the economy. and actually creating jobs, while the jackass stabs the elephant in the back.
On Monopolies: The liberal author derides monopolies, as if they were Republican. You want a monopoly, how about the National Education Association, bastion of public schools and the Democratic Party, that opposes tax breaks for private school costs.
Democratic Party's Rearward March: To the author, the Democratic Party is the party for the workers, the poor, the weak, and the victimized. Rather than help them rise up, the Democrats attempt to punish the really hard working and successful.
On Another Mindless Liberal Statement: And the piece de resistance: "How can anyone who has ever worked for someone else go Republican?" Let's analyze this mindless statement. Just what cockeyed view does this imply? Is it implying that instead of offering your services for someone else, you should look for handouts from the Democratic Party? Or does it imply that people shouldn't work at all, or live off the land like savages? Does it imply that everyone who creates a need for services (jobs) is out to exploit the 'workers', in some mad Machevellian Marxist nightmare?
  Or maybe the statement implies that only smart people, those who create jobs, are Republicans, and should be hated, and the ignorant masses (those offering their skills and services) are Democrats? Or does it imply that voting Democrat is a vote for taking from those who need services and skills (from the Democrat's poor and huddled masses whom they buy votes from) and give it to those who vote Democrat?
Morally Vacuous and Clueless: Author statement: "Republicans tried to impeach Clinton 'just for fun'." Response: Typical of a liberal, turning a blind eye to the overt moral debauchery and illegal acts of one of their icons.
Success is Bad (cont.): The author talks about earning over $300,000 as if it were bad- ignorant to the fact that most people who earn that much purchase goods and services (read jobs).
Who is Deranged? The author talks about people in Kansas voting Republican as being 'deranged', while being blind to his own derangement of portraying the millions of leaders of American enterprise, and the foundation of it's strength, as greedy Rolex watch-wearing monsters.
Arguments Sinking In: I only read the covers and the first few pages, and have made numerous points. I would take the rest of the book to task, but life is short, it would take me several decades, and the points already made will take a long time to penetrate the hard heads of the confused sympathizers of this kind of  Leftist drivel.
My concise Review: Let me add my inside cover review: The book is full of crap.